Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pet Peave

Cyclists who ride 2 abreast on a busy street. I loathe this as a driver. On a quiet residential street you can get away with this but not on a main street. YOUR NOT A VEHICLE! Last night on my way home from hot yoga there were 2 men doing this for 2 blocks, on busy street. as a driver when I see this I will roll down my window and say "you suppose to be riding single file." I don't think they cared. I did this to a family of four on a main street the dad gave me a piece of his mind. To him I say: "Are you trying to spend an all expenses family vacation paid by the Province of BC to the hospital?? Riding 2 abreast on a busy 50 Km/hr (30 MPH) 2 lane road where in order for cars to pass you they need to go into the oncoming lane isn't safe for drivers you or you family! Not all drivers are cautious and with the amount of speeders out there, your insane and setting a bad example for your children!"

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