Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Year

It's amazing what difference a year could make. We had a follow up appointment with Aaron today with the same pediatrician that was part of the team that diagnosed him.

My little man is making so much progress. My heart swells with pride and I am thankful where we are today. There are times when I had no clue if my boy would talk, say my name or say  "I love you."

He now does all three. He talks ALL the time. He never stops at times. I try to remind myself, to not get frustrated when dealing him and the echolalia and the fact that he has to say the same thing repeatedly. But to be thankful for the little boy I have.

Today we went for a play date and he amazed me. He played with the little boy like a normal 3-year-old. He didn't parallel play, but took turns, raced cars and asked the little boy to share a toy. He first asked me to get his friend to share but I directed him to ask him himself. And he did. Aaron amazed me today and gave me hope that he will be able to live fulfilling life. My biggest fear is that he will be teased when his school age and I am doing everything I can as his mom to avoid that. I am trying to socialise him and teach the right ways to act in certain situations. I hope I can.

I have SO much I want to write, but I am tired and want to veg out now. I will have a post soon on my near egg donor adventures and how things went throughout.