Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Really Need to Post

The story of so many bloggers. You want to post but Just. Don't. Have Time.

Actually, I do but I have lacked to words to put together a decent post. I haven't known what to write or how to write it, which is funny considering I respond to emails all day long at work and can pull responses out of my ass.

There is so much going on, here, yet I am not to stressed. I miss writing. I do. I just am not sure what/how to write as Eric knows the URL to this space and if I were to write everything on my mind I feel that he would be reading part of me that i don't want him to.

So news. I have a place. My very own place! I got the keys for it this week and will be all moved in by Friday! Work is good. Aaron is good. And I am going back to school. I taking one course 2 evenings per week all as part of my plan to upgrade so eventually I can get into nursing. Or University. I am not sure what my future holds, but I crave an education. I have given some serious thought to getting involved with special needs or autistic children. I have taken the same course that new therapists that work with Aaron take. I took it so i would have the know how on how to deal with him and to parent him better.

I have given some thought to even applying to work with his company but with other children. I really don't know what career path I will take int he next few years. It could go in one of three directions, nursing, special needs, computer tech stuff.

At the moment I am working 4 days a week and going to school 2 evenings per week. I need the balance of work/Aaron time. I need to work to support us (Aaron and I) and he needs the routine of daycare and other kids a few days per week. But when I am not working, we are spending time together.

Eric and I are still not how we will arrange custody (50/50, 60/40, one week on, one week off, three days on, three days off...) We will figure it out as we go. I am only moving a few blocks or 2 min drive away from him. So we will be close enough that getting Aaron back and forth from each other will not be a hassle.

Funny I should bring up careers. I may have a job opportunity with the government for $50,000/year to start in Vancouver. if I am offered it, I will have to turn it down.  It is $11 more an hour than I currently make. My life is now on the Island, Aaron's life is and his dad is here. Now that my dad has retired, he wants to move here and my sister and her husband are moving to the Island within the next year. This means that she will be an hour and half drive away tops and my Aaron will have his cousin close by. This means I can take her on weekends and have a close relationship with her. I know my life is here now. Funny how irony works.

Ironically, I am not tired but will hit the hay as I have a long day tomorrow.