Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teehting and Tantrums

Nap time can't come soon enough! Holy Hannah! I thought we had a breakthrough last night with the tantrums. New attitude, comforting more, no middle of the night freak outs... Aaron is certain;y making up for it this morning. He is fighting sleep. I know he is tired and teething. Not fun but where is the fine line between teething and a tantrum? I don't know. He has been given Tylenol and teething gel. I have given him Camilia. I am at my wits end with this kid. I hate doing the CIO. I don't let him go long. I don't want him to learn that him screaming at the top of his lungs gets him his way. I know he is a little young for that, but I controlled my dad as child he always gave into me and I don't want my son to be like that. I used to have such bad tantrums as a toddler I used to pull out my hair in clumps. I kid you not. That isn't normal and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to Aaron.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Somethings Gotta Give

It's 3.59am right now I am trying to break aaron of his new found habit of screaming/screeching at the top of his lungs like he is being tortured. I am not going to be one for grammar tonight. I don't liek the whole cry-it-out thing. I am going in every few minutes to reassure Aaron that everything is okay. Who needs sleep? Apparently I don't. Last night I was up till 3am with gaterointestinal (GI) issues.

4.02am - go into reassure the boy everything is okay. I don't know if this a good thing or a bad thing as it seems to set him off when he see's me?

Something has gotta give. ever since our trip to the ER he has learned that him screaming bloody murder yields results. I have ensured his needs are met with regards to pain, hunger, temperature, diapers, comfort etc.

He usually will wake up 1-3 X per night, I will nurse him when he has had his fill he will pull off the boob, I lay him down in his crib and he rolls over and falls alseep. (Such a man he is!)

4.07am - screaming has stopped.

- Cat wants in. The little minx has taken the darting out the door in the evenings around 9 or 10. She did so when I came home. I wonder whee she goes and parties at till the wee hours? Her punishment: No treats right now. Cats new routine is to come in at 3-4 in the am when I am dealing with Aaron. These two are putting their heads together and plotting on how to drive me to an early grave.

For the last I don't know how many nights he has the little freakoput from 3-4am.

4.12 - all is quiet. Going back to bed


on my part. Went to open the boy's door as I can't sleep unless I can hear him if he cries and he wasn't asleep he was murmuring to himself. He settled more quickly... went to open door again wasn't out yet. I took him to bed so he wouldn't keep Eric up as you can hear everything in this house. he moves around to much wouldn't cuddle to sleep i move him to hi sside of the bed (Eric was in a different bed by this point) tantrum ensues. Back to his crib. I don't thik the tantrum lasted long.


I want this kid not having tantrums in the middle of the night. It's messing with us as a family. Eric is too tired to even go to a family event we had planned on attending together. He let me sleep in, he gets to nap this afternoon. Being a parent is fun.

Can anyone reccomend any books? I went to the book store yesterday and I am going to see if I can find the same ones at the library. If not, I'll dole out the money for them.

Next week we have a meeting to get some tips with the Triple P Parenting technique.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That is the sound that Aaron makes when his head hits the side of his crib. Bumpers are going back in.

I am lazy doing this bullet style today

- I am feel guilty about Aaron getting sick even though there was nothing I could've done for his dehydration. I thought breast feeding would've given him even more of an advantage, but with the diarrhea and vomiting it was inevitable. He had rotavirus which I have never heard of until he got it. The screaming that he had which lead me to take him in to the ER was stomach cramps from the dehydration.

- I have no clue where he got it as we go out a lot. We started going to a play group in the beginning of May and it has done him a world of good and he is comfortable playing without me right there in his line of sight and I can now leave him a at child-minding at the gym without much of a fuss.

- Now that Aaron is on the mend, I am back to my usual sinuses/head cold/allergies bull shit. At the beginning of last week it was almost as bad when I was pregnant which you can read about here I don't what I have to do to deal with it. I wake up dizzy and feeling hungover almost every morning with a constant pressure in my sinuses. Today to deal with it i have: taken 2 different prescription nasal sprays, steamed in the shower, rinsed my sinuses out with a saline solution, taken Aerius and an Advil Cold & Sinus. What can I do to get some relief? This is ridiculous. Eric and I went out for dinner the other night and we had this hot mustard as a side dip with our appie and I could feel it in my nose. I need to get my hand on some of that or some wasabi.

- My dad just left. Thank god he was here while Aaron was sick to help us through this. It's not easy having an island between you and your family with an hour and half ferry ride to see them. Him being here allowed me to rest I am beat. I didn't sleep much while Aaron was in the hospital. I went back as soon as I finished my post the other night. He finally slept for a few hours as I put him in a sleeper instead of his hospital gown. I just left his arm out with the IV in. I got to sleep in this morning after Aaron got up at 830am as my dad got up with him. ( I was up with him 3X last night)

- I AM GOING TO VEGAS IN AUGUST! Eric and I need a much needed vacation together. Vegas is cheap and there's lots to d! Were going to drive Aaron up to Alberta and have Eric's parents watch Aaron as they don't get to see him except for a few times a year and we'll fly out from Calgary.

Going to lose myself in Breaking Dawn until Aaron wakes up from is nap

Monday, June 22, 2009

Aaron is doing much better. He got discharged at 11am and is almsot back to himself. He is eating, playing and drinking. He looks drunk becuase of all the fluids in him. He is too cute. Now that my boy is better I can divert my attention to some other blog worthy thoughts.

Perez Hilton - WTF? If you're assaulted why the hell would you tweet for your followers to call police? If your hurt you CALL 911! Not tweet your woes away. Especially when you're in a different country. Attention Grabber.

Jon And Kate - Who cares!

I should be sleeping...

Instead I am thinking about my baby. Aaron was admitted to the hospital tonight for dehydration. I was with him in emergency for 7 hours? He was getting over his flu and playing this morning while my dad watched him then he started screaming so loud and ear piercing it wasn't right so I took him in expecting to get some IV fluids and then be on our way. It took them forever from he time they gave us a area in emerg until they actually started to run tests on him. Turns out he was dehydrated as we knew and they waited 3-4 hours after we got there to give him his IV. WTF? It took 2-3 hours of fluids to get him perked up when I left (Eric is taking a shift so I could come home to sleep and shower.) He was playing in his crib. Ugh. I hate seeing my baby like that. He was in so much pain screaming and/or pissed off when he was being poked and prodded. seeing him get a catheter for a urine sampled wasn't fun, but he took it like a champ the blood work wasn't so fun. The x-ray he was right pissed off from just having his blood work I had to hold him to the bed so hard to get the shot of his abdomen. I though they'd need to get restraints for him. I'm exhausted but can't sleep. i can't decide if I should try again or just go to the hospital and sleep there (there is a fold out bed thing in his room) and send Eric home or try to sleep again? I had a shower in hopes to relax me but i just lie there thinking of my boy.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My baby is still sick. I called Healthlink and talked to a nurse. The boy's fever was up to 38.9 Celsius. I gave him his second lukewarm bath this evening at the urging of my dad who is visiting for the weekend. I have this nagging feeling that we should take him to the hospital but there is no need at the moment. He's breastfeeding, he's not dehydrated, he isn't lethargic, nor has his fever stayed above 39.5 C for more than 4 hrs. He has been sleeping a lot pretty much all day but that's what people do when they're sick. He's been medicated yet he still has the fever which I know is the body's natural way to fight off infection... but still the nagging feeling. I am a worrier by nature but I take parenting in stride surprisingly. I'd drive myself nuts if I worried about Aaron all the time. But I can't shake this feeling...

Mothering 101

My boy is sick. Anything that has to do with me gets put on the back burner.

It started yesterday in the car. He fell asleep in his car seat and pukes all over himself waking himself up. We pulled over and cleaned him up. He puked again while I was applying for a job, and Eric cleaned him up he was now down to nothing but a diaper. We dropped Eric back off at work, he pukes 2 minutes out from home. Home, bath, nap, strip car seat cover off(I love love love my car seat!!! The cover snaps off so easily!), wash car seat cover and pukey clothes.

Aaron threw up a few more times last night and finally held down some soy formula (as per the Dr.'s instructions) and some breast milk. At 1am he drank nothing but me and then puked it up all over me. It's been a long time since he puke on me. (I never thought I'd be using receiving blankets for him again; was I ever wrong.) He's been sleeping lots and he got the shits this morning poor baby. He has a little fever but is playing alternating with being miserable. He is breast feeding and drinking a few sips of fluids now and then. No puking since 1am. Fingers crossed. He ate 2 or 3 pieces of bananas for lunch and that's about it. I hope he feels better soon. Lots of cuddles going on here from mommy, daddy and grandpa. All of his bedding had to be washed today along with his *crib bumpers, mattress and crib. The water proof pad didn't do it job as it doesn't go to the very edge of his bed and he he likes to sleep in the corners. He has had bath and his hair still smells like vomit and baby shampoo. It's an interesting combo.

*We didn't start using crib bumpers until Aaron was about 10 months I never intended to use them but he would wake himself up constantly by bumping his head into the bars and after a few nights of this we broke them out. Problem solved.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm tired

Ugh. I have so many random thoughts going through my mind this morning. It's 8:19. The Boy is feeding himself breakfast while I should be getting ready for playgroup. We haven't been going to it long but I like it and enjoy the interaction of the other moms. (Read Bitch fest)

I feel that something is missing from my life. I don't know what... Eric got home last week. His homecoming didn't go so bad. But he seems different some how yet I don't know what it is. He seems more angry with me, short to say the least. I fdon't like to argue nobody comes out of it feeling good. We disagree on how to put Aaron to bed. He cried in his crib last night for 30 min from 9-9:30. He just wasn't tired. Bedtime is bedtime. But it is also light out until 10pm which has messed with my baby's sleeping patterns. I have put tinfoil on his window. (Now our neighbour thinks we're running a meth lab, I kid you not.) I think one of the reasons he was fighting sleep last night as he he didn't get any real playtime in last night while I had class (I am taking a typing course to get my speed up to 50 net WPM. Hahaha. That is so wishful thinking on my part.) and he is at an age where playing by himself won't cut it. He needs to be engaged. I ended up giving him a bath for a good 45 minutes and I ended up getting in with him and just playing with him. I don't know what is up.

Someting is missing. I need a "thing" for me. I am trying to find p/t work but I may need to go f/t but I don't see the point when I will be going to school in the fall and have to quit. I can handle working p/t being a mom and going to school p/t. I can't handle working f/t and the rest. Well I need to splash some cold water in my face and throw my hair back in a pony tail and get us to play group.