Monday, June 22, 2009

I should be sleeping...

Instead I am thinking about my baby. Aaron was admitted to the hospital tonight for dehydration. I was with him in emergency for 7 hours? He was getting over his flu and playing this morning while my dad watched him then he started screaming so loud and ear piercing it wasn't right so I took him in expecting to get some IV fluids and then be on our way. It took them forever from he time they gave us a area in emerg until they actually started to run tests on him. Turns out he was dehydrated as we knew and they waited 3-4 hours after we got there to give him his IV. WTF? It took 2-3 hours of fluids to get him perked up when I left (Eric is taking a shift so I could come home to sleep and shower.) He was playing in his crib. Ugh. I hate seeing my baby like that. He was in so much pain screaming and/or pissed off when he was being poked and prodded. seeing him get a catheter for a urine sampled wasn't fun, but he took it like a champ the blood work wasn't so fun. The x-ray he was right pissed off from just having his blood work I had to hold him to the bed so hard to get the shot of his abdomen. I though they'd need to get restraints for him. I'm exhausted but can't sleep. i can't decide if I should try again or just go to the hospital and sleep there (there is a fold out bed thing in his room) and send Eric home or try to sleep again? I had a shower in hopes to relax me but i just lie there thinking of my boy.

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