Friday, June 19, 2009


My baby is still sick. I called Healthlink and talked to a nurse. The boy's fever was up to 38.9 Celsius. I gave him his second lukewarm bath this evening at the urging of my dad who is visiting for the weekend. I have this nagging feeling that we should take him to the hospital but there is no need at the moment. He's breastfeeding, he's not dehydrated, he isn't lethargic, nor has his fever stayed above 39.5 C for more than 4 hrs. He has been sleeping a lot pretty much all day but that's what people do when they're sick. He's been medicated yet he still has the fever which I know is the body's natural way to fight off infection... but still the nagging feeling. I am a worrier by nature but I take parenting in stride surprisingly. I'd drive myself nuts if I worried about Aaron all the time. But I can't shake this feeling...

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