Monday, December 17, 2012

I Will NOT Google...

Tonight Aaron and I had to go to the walk-in clinic for a quick check up. He is due to fly up to his paternal grandparents with Eric for the holidays, and I don't want an ear infection cancelling the trip like last time. So I had the doctor look in his ears and one is a little iffy. I will take him back in two days. If it is still iffy, on to antibiotics he goes. I hate to put him on them, but if it means he is missing out on Christmas, he can go on them.

We initially went to the walk-in clinic for his ears, but I left worried about his eyes. As we were leaving he wanted to draw his name on the chalk bored. He spelled his name correctly; however, he wrote it right to left instead of left to right and some of his letters were backwards and off. Now, he is only 4 1/2, but I know this can be a sign of dyslexia. I am not freaking out, but I am a tad concerned.

I immediately called his coordinator and told her she wasn't sure what the next step in getting a diagnosis is. She will find out, and get back to me. In the meantime a trip to the family doctor and/or a referral to a paediatrician is in order.  In Canada, children do not see a paediatrician unless it is a special circumstance. I am not  upset but a little bit worried.... I have this nagging feeling, Why I don't know, but I do. I guess we will find out sooner or later. If dyslexia is the case, I know if it is caught soon enough, a lot can be done for Aaron, just as the autism was caught early and early intervention has been HUGE in the success he has had.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

College Girl

Why haven't I been posting? There are two reasons really.

1) Eric knows the URL to this blog, so I don't feel as thought I can really be me and 2) I am a college girl! I am going to school full time, 5 courses and parenting Aaron solo, as Eric is out of town for work. It goes with the territory of being in the military.

I think I will be starting a new blog soon as I need a place that is mine free to vent my thoughts as I like.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stripe Inspired Post

This post is brought to you by stripes! Inspired by Whoorl. Aaron and I are on the ferry on the start of our road trip to Alberta! Were off the go see Grandpa Bob, a stop in a at my dad's. Tomorrow my sisters, and Wednesday Cowtown! Aaron will be with his paternal grandparents and Then momma's off to a country music festival! Lets pray there are no tornado warnings. Weather has been weird on the prairies this past week. I am terrified of tornadoes!

Aaron and I both happen both be in stripes today! Aaron courtesy of The Children's Place and me of  friend who lent me this shirt that I just love and no I will never ever find! So I will wear every time I get the chance.  Were killing time Aaron watching his DVD player, me tooling around the interweb.

A squirmey preschooler makes for a good post! You get the gist if his shirt.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hiking Adventures and then some

I heard there was a trestle. The last month has been math, math and more math! (And teenagers.) Me the only adult aside from the teacher with hormonal 14-17 year olds. So on my first day of freedom I hit the trail and this is what I found.

I have been doing a lot more hiking since Eric and I parted ways. Getting to know and love this beautiful Island I live on instead of running away to Vancouver every chance I get. I've been accepted to a program to  our local college that I am currently sitting 10th on a wait list. Fingers crossed I get in for September as opposed to January. The program is 10 months long. My short term goal until I get into nursing. I've only go 2 pre requisites left. Math and Chem. I just did a refresher math course and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and I got through it! 

I am kinda, sorta, maybe seeing someone. We can call him Adam. There is no label on us. We don't chat every day, or even text. I'm busy, he's busy with work. We see each other once a week or so. And he hasn't been introduced to Aaron nor do I plan to. He also happens to be 24! He's very cute, funny we have a lot to talk about and he didn't even kiss me till our third date. That is unheard of for me! I like it the way it is and will keep it that way for now. 

Next week, will be another roadtrip to Alberta for Aaron and I. He is off to the grandparents and mommy's  off to Big Valley Jamboree! (BVJ) and there will be some Blake Shelton, Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts! Did I mention Blake Shelton? I am a tired mama and Aaron is coughing so I am off. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Am I Thinking?

Master Cleanse and Bikram's Yoga in one day? Ha! I am not a newb to hot yoga, but I am to cleansing.

If your squeamish about bodily functions of the cleansing nature, I suggest you stop reading now. SIF, I know you are.

So I have been wanting to do a cleanse/fast for awhile now. My reasoning is vain. I want to drop some weight fast. Yes, I know working out and eating healthy are they way to go, and that is what I have been doing, but summer is here and I want to kick start it a bit. Also to get all the crap out of my body. I tried the juice fast, but didn't last long. This master cleanse seems up my alley, so I am giving it a go.

I started it last night technically. If you want details, click here. I took my laxative tea before I went to bed. Prior to taking my tea I had gone to a hot yoga class. I saw that there was free yoga all weekend, so I figured I'd get a jump on my cleanse and sweat it out too. Ha! Hot yoga, is intense enough on its own. With a cleanse it is apparently not so good.

I got up drank my salt water flush (laxative) and went about getting ready for yoga. I hopped in my car and started driving to the studio which is a bout 15 min drive. I felt the need to go to the bathroom and figured I could wait until I got there.

Um... Yeah that wouldn't be the case. As a girl with IBS, I know.

I  pulled into a gas station. Good Call!

After I finished up at the gas station, I got back in my car and headed to yoga. I got there and there was no parking! Being free, it was busy. I There was no street parking or parking lot parking.

I was starting to panic.  I took a gander into the underground parking with a prayer and Sweet Jeebus I found a spot!

I immediately bolted into the studio, bypassed the receptionist straight to the change room to the bathroom only to to have a line up. Not good for a girl on Day 1 of her master cleanse!

Thankfully, the wait was short. I get in the bathroom and proceeded to monopolize it for 10 min or so. I figured I'd Git 'R Done and go sweat my ass off.

Sadly, that wasn't to be the case.

It was evident after washing my hands, that I would be monopolizing the other stall for a good 10 min or so and that sweating my ass off was not in the cards today.

I left, washed my hands, had a chat with the receptionist and she said she practices regularly and can't even practice while on the cleanse. I like how she put it, the first four days is getting the demons out of your body.

After our chat, I went to my car and immediately after pulling out of the parking lot  and I needed a bathroom. Again! WTF?

I spied a gas station at the intersection kitty corner from me as I approached the intersextion. There was also one through the intersection is on my right, and then one on my right before the intersection. I was literally scanning the intersection left (ugh!) center (better) right (score!).

I pulled into the gas station, ran to the bathroom only to need key damn it! I rushed to the attendant, got the key and proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes in there.  When I got out, the attendant asked me if I was okay. I just said I had the flu.

To any occupants of the bathrooms after me I apologize!

I still needed to get more lemons for my cleanse and was trying to plan the quickest route to my house where I could get lemons. I managed to do so and am happy to say I made it home without having to use any more facilities. For my fellow citizens sake, maybe I should just stay home.

But that may be a problem you see. I am suppose to have a date today. He said he would text me and so far he hasn't... I'll let you know how this goes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blake Shelton Concert Recap

So yes, It finally came and went and it was AMAZING!!! Better than I thought it would. Carol and I had a great time and I can say that I lost my voice before we even hit Seattle because were were singing along to his music all the way down the I-5! And not only did we get to see Blake Shelton, but Dia Frampton, Justin Moore and the lovely Mrs. Shelton herself. Yes, you read right Miranda Lambert showed up a Blake's show and performed Baggage Claim!!! I love her.

I couldn't have asked for a better concert. I think the concert was better than meeting Blake Shelton himself. I did get to meet him, and it was exactly as I thought it would be.

We waited at a section in the arena at the appointed time, showed our pass, then proceeded to wait behind some red gates, where ushered where I assume the dressing rooms are, waited in line and filed one by-one to have our pictures taken a quick autograph and where ushered out. I was happy to meet him, but it was so quick and impersonal that I it was over in a blink of an eye.

We weren't allowed to bring our own cameras to get pictures so I am patiently waiting for the pictured to be uploaded on his website. I don't even know if it's a good picture of me or if my eyed are open. I am notorious for squinting and looking stoned in my pics. I was hoping that it would be more of a mingling meet and greet with snacks and beverages, but hell I got to meet him which is pretty damn awesome.

Carol and I did this right, and got a hotel and everything. Only 3 things could've made the night better. 1) It wouldn't have been raining; 2) Carol would've gotten a Meet and Greet; 3) Some jerk hadn't stolen one of the signs we painted for him.


The hotel bathroom looking into the room.

 Le Hotel Room

                                                 On our way to the concert.
                                         Trying to win Carol a Meet and Greet playing "Blake's Balls"
                                             They won.  t was a fare contest, maybe the baby belly helped?
                                           Dia Frampton! She was so sweet, It was a pleasure to watch her perform.
                                          Justin Moore! So hot, and I love his song Bait a Hook!

                                         Blake Shelton! The man himself!

                                           Miranda Lambert performing Baggage Claim.

                       Justin Moore and Blake Shelton performing. I love how Blake invited each of the performers on tour with him up on stage to do a song with him. He is so real, humble and honest and himself. That's what I love about him.
I didn't get any good videos of my own, so I am going to post some from youtube.

All in all, it was  great night!  We have loved Blake Shelton since 2001 and he came out with Austin. 2001 was a special summer for us, and it was all about music. She fell in love with Austin before I did and it was fitting she got to go with me. Tara wasn't able to make if after all, so the whole her not being able to go to the Meet and Greet wasn't an issue.

After the concert we went back to the hotel, changed, freshened up and went to a bar called Cow Girls Inc. I did get one bad picture of my climbing on the mechanical bull, but it's not uploaded so I can't share it with you.

If you ever get a chance to see Blake Shelton perform, DO IT!!! Next time I see him, I think I would like to see him in a less pretentious city than Seattle. (Sorry Seattle but you need to chill out!) Boise, or Spokane would've been more to my liking. I hope to see him in Alberta this summer with my laid back Canadian folk.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

That Awkward Moment When...

That Awkward Moment When...

You come home from grocery shopping to your three-year-old greeting you with your BOB in hand saying "I found it!" Thinking it's a toy for him. In front of your dad! (Grandpa who happened to be baby sitting!)

Or texting your friend to tell then of such an embarassing moment, only to realize that you didn't text your friend but updated your Facebook status via text message!

I can not make this stuff up.

Thankfully, the status update was only up for 5 minutes before realizing your error before getting deleted comment free and no 'likes.' But God only knows who saw it. And that is NOT stuff I put on my Facebook.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Really Need to Post

The story of so many bloggers. You want to post but Just. Don't. Have Time.

Actually, I do but I have lacked to words to put together a decent post. I haven't known what to write or how to write it, which is funny considering I respond to emails all day long at work and can pull responses out of my ass.

There is so much going on, here, yet I am not to stressed. I miss writing. I do. I just am not sure what/how to write as Eric knows the URL to this space and if I were to write everything on my mind I feel that he would be reading part of me that i don't want him to.

So news. I have a place. My very own place! I got the keys for it this week and will be all moved in by Friday! Work is good. Aaron is good. And I am going back to school. I taking one course 2 evenings per week all as part of my plan to upgrade so eventually I can get into nursing. Or University. I am not sure what my future holds, but I crave an education. I have given some serious thought to getting involved with special needs or autistic children. I have taken the same course that new therapists that work with Aaron take. I took it so i would have the know how on how to deal with him and to parent him better.

I have given some thought to even applying to work with his company but with other children. I really don't know what career path I will take int he next few years. It could go in one of three directions, nursing, special needs, computer tech stuff.

At the moment I am working 4 days a week and going to school 2 evenings per week. I need the balance of work/Aaron time. I need to work to support us (Aaron and I) and he needs the routine of daycare and other kids a few days per week. But when I am not working, we are spending time together.

Eric and I are still not how we will arrange custody (50/50, 60/40, one week on, one week off, three days on, three days off...) We will figure it out as we go. I am only moving a few blocks or 2 min drive away from him. So we will be close enough that getting Aaron back and forth from each other will not be a hassle.

Funny I should bring up careers. I may have a job opportunity with the government for $50,000/year to start in Vancouver. if I am offered it, I will have to turn it down.  It is $11 more an hour than I currently make. My life is now on the Island, Aaron's life is and his dad is here. Now that my dad has retired, he wants to move here and my sister and her husband are moving to the Island within the next year. This means that she will be an hour and half drive away tops and my Aaron will have his cousin close by. This means I can take her on weekends and have a close relationship with her. I know my life is here now. Funny how irony works.

Ironically, I am not tired but will hit the hay as I have a long day tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Year

It's amazing what difference a year could make. We had a follow up appointment with Aaron today with the same pediatrician that was part of the team that diagnosed him.

My little man is making so much progress. My heart swells with pride and I am thankful where we are today. There are times when I had no clue if my boy would talk, say my name or say  "I love you."

He now does all three. He talks ALL the time. He never stops at times. I try to remind myself, to not get frustrated when dealing him and the echolalia and the fact that he has to say the same thing repeatedly. But to be thankful for the little boy I have.

Today we went for a play date and he amazed me. He played with the little boy like a normal 3-year-old. He didn't parallel play, but took turns, raced cars and asked the little boy to share a toy. He first asked me to get his friend to share but I directed him to ask him himself. And he did. Aaron amazed me today and gave me hope that he will be able to live fulfilling life. My biggest fear is that he will be teased when his school age and I am doing everything I can as his mom to avoid that. I am trying to socialise him and teach the right ways to act in certain situations. I hope I can.

I have SO much I want to write, but I am tired and want to veg out now. I will have a post soon on my near egg donor adventures and how things went throughout.