Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burst My Bubble

It’s no secret that I like my country music. And every now and then I like to get myself a country music fix by heading to a country bar. Sadly, Victoria lacks anything close to resembling a country bar so I get my fill when I visit Vancouver.
I had every intention of doing so this past weekend. I had always wanted to go to Boone County Cabaret, but have never managed to go in the 10 years that I’ve been legal.

This past weekend, I was going to do it. I was still on my country high from my birthday. A friend and I randomly ended up at Gabby’s a few weeks back on my birthday and had a pretty good time not to mention and awesome band!

(Side note: The Steel Toe Boots were awesome. You can really tell in their playing that they love what they do. My friend and I noted that they played Gary Allan’s - Right Where I Need To Be exceptionally well. From reading their Bio on their website, it’s the first song they ever learned.)

So this past Saturday, I headed out to Boone County Cabaret. When Tara and I got there Karen Lee Batten was playing. She is a local BC country singer and I have heard on the radio. I didn’t hear any country songs coming out of her, but it isn’t uncommon for country bands to do a rock song or two. (She was also pleasure to listen too)

Regardless, Tara and I began to dance. We had seen people two stepping so I still thought I was in a country bar.

The band packed up and the DJ started playing some rock music and then club music came on. I still wasn’t put off because even Rooster’s plays a few Top 40 songs.

But it was apparent in my tipsy state that something just wasn’t right. I went and requested a song I could line dance to and the DJ said he couldn’t play it. I was think WTF? And he said they weren’t a country bar any more.

My bubble had been burst! Initially, I was let down, but undeterred. I should’ve clued in that TNB being splattered on an overhead screen. (The New Boone.) I talked to the bouncer and he told me that it was either go bankrupt or change their platform. So they changed their platform. But they didn’t change their signage or décor inside.

Despite all this, I continued to have a good time with Tara and danced the night away. I wasn’t dressed for a club per se; skinny jeans, grey leather boots and a fitted v-neck tee more suited for a country bar as that what I was going for.

I learned a good lesson on my birthday. Don’t wear flip flops to a country bar. In my defense on my birthday we were graced with some spring like weather and I HAD no clue I’d end up at Gabby’s. It’s near impossible to line dance in flip flops but I did manage to do it!

But it wasn’t an experience I cared to repeat.

And I didn’t because I didn’t go to a country bar.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Party Success

Cake, completed with train and candle.
Aaron's party was success! And I am bagged. I probably waited until the last minute to do things like clean the house and cut up fruit and veggies for the party trays. It's is apparent that my house is too small to host a party and 5 kids including Aaron and a smattering of parents reinforced this.

The weather has been crap otherwise I would've had it outside.

I am tired, and zonked and should be studying for test I have on Wednesday. I have back to back cake decorating courses this Monday and Tuesday which leaves little room to study. I'll be posting more pics of my creations as they happen.


I was reading over my archives and actually found a post I wrote when Aaron stopped waiving when he learned it which lead to my calling the public health nurse which lead to speech therapy which lead to a referral for an autism assessment. To think if I hadn't called the public health nurse we may have gone unaware of Aaron's autism until he was school age. I was reading another one I wrote a few days after and I wrote that he didn't point to things, which is another flag. I can't believe how much I blogged two years ago. I am so glad we got a diagnosis when we did. I am off to study.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthday Cake

It's Aaron's 3rd Birthday today. I don't know where the time has gone. Three years ago tonight we were in the hospital in the middle of a near sleepless night. Tonight, I will sleep. I am up later than usual, but needed to share pictures of his birthday cake I just made for his party tomorrow.

The detail is butter cream. The side and top are whipping cream.
I used whipping cream to ice it instead of butter cream frosting and OMG what a mistake. Butter cream is SO much easier to work with. I made him a train cake and tomorrow I will mount one of his Thomas Train's on it because actually decorating Thomas would take 3 hours. And I am not so keen on it as I was with his dinosaur cake.