Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Ashamed...

Of Canada's criminal justice system for this reason. Yet again they have failed society. If you clicked on the link it's a story of a mother who killed her 12 year old daughter in cold blood. Thus equalling first degree murder. She plead guilty to a lesser offence of second degree murder instead. I don't know how the Crown (prosecution) could so this. They had a confession and out of the mother and yet they still didn't proceed with the trial. Was it to save money? It's sick sick sick. The mother got a life sentence with the possibility of parole in 20 years, possibly 15 years under some fucking clause. She should never see the light of day again. It's people like this that deserve the death penalty which Canada has abolished. This is one thing America has right. The stupid cunt killed her daughter as she chose her boyfriend over her daughter. As he told her to chose between him and her daughter. I think we can safely assume he didn't mean to murder her in cold blood. She did have a dad she could've gone to live with. It would've fucked her up emotionally but she still would've had her life. I fucking hate people like this. It's the same as Susan Smith who got life, and should've been executed her killing her beautiful babies and lying about it. I'd love to see those 2 in room with the general population of a prison.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview Me

Encephalgia is what I am suffering from right now. Let break encephalgia down for you dear reader(s). You read the word right to left. -algia means pain, encephal/o means brain. I have pain in my brain from studying all evening. I have made well over 200 flash cards I have midterm in 3 days and I'm cramming. The worst way to study I know. So here I am taking a break to do an interview from fellow blogger Steph.

1. How did you decide what you were going to name your son? And since I haven't read your archives, did you find out his gender before he was born or was it a surprise? What would his name have been if he was a girl? (Wow, that was three questions, but one category, so we'll leave them as one, LOL).

My son’s pseudonym is “Aaron” which a picked of a hat when I created my other blog. His real name, which I won’t reveal is Eric’s middle name. We hummed and hawed for a few days over his name. I really liked the name Alexander but we went with Eric’s middle name as we both liked it. We didn’t find out Aaron’s gender we chose to be surprised and we had 3 ultrasounds where could’ve found out but didn’t. If you want to read about my pregnancy you can go to my old old blog here I knew deep down that Aaron was a boy, but I was really hoping for a girl. Had he been a girl his name would’ve been Isabelle and Belle for short. (I hate the nick name Izzy.)

2. I read that you were half-American... which half and what part of the States is your family from? Were you born and grew up in Canada your whole life or did you live in the States as well?

I am half-American on my mother’s side. She was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa. I was born in Vancouver and raised in a suburb of Vancouver. I have never lived in the States I have only done tons of cross border shopping (living within a 30 min drive helps) and I have vacationed in various parts many times. My mother met and married her first husband and moved to Ontario with him (he was Canadian) and she hated it so they moved to Vancouver where she made her life, ended up marrying my dad and having me. I have 2 aunts on my Mom’s side one lives in the Dallas TX area; the other lives in Des Moines IA.

3. What is your favourite vacation spot, and why?

That is hard to say. As a child I vacationed in the Okanogan a lot. Kelowna is close second. But I would have to say the Grand Canyon. In 2006 I went to Las Vegas and took a day trip to the Grand Canyon and it was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. I could’ve sat and stared at it forever. If I ever go there again I would love to camp there. Maybe that will be a family vacation when Aaron is older.

4. If you were having visitors from another country come stay with you for a week, what local attractions are a MUST?

In Victoria? Almost every attraction is a must. This place is a big tourist city. But my favorite place to go before moving here was the Royal BC Museum. Also Butchart Gardens, and for sure Mount Douglas. You drive up the mountain and you get a beautiful view of the city. If you go for 2 min hike you get a 360 degree view of the city and the local Islands including the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Baker (the last three being in Washington State.) the view is phenomenal. Also a jaunt to Tofino is a must time permitting. It’s a 4 hour trek to the west coast of Vancouver Island and I have yet to venture there myself but I can’t wait to one day.

5. With your fiance being in the Navy, is he away from home a lot?

At the moment, no he did his sea time for many years and we were doing the long distance thing from Victoria to Vancouver, which is hard enough as it is throw in his sailing schedule and it was harder. Sometimes I would go weeks without seeing him. The most has been 2 months. I’m lucky a lot of sailors go away for 6 month deployments every few years. Right now he has a shore posting so he works office hours for the time being. It’s nice I’ve gotten used to it. But it will likely not last as it’s a posting season soon… when you’re with a sailor its not so bad when you live together as you get into a routine which makes life easier. The old routine was get up, go to work, come home, eat, sit ass on the computer, lather, rinse and repeat and then go to Vancouver on the weekends. I don’t know what this routine will be like with a toddler as he has been ashore for almost all of my pregnancy and Aaron’s life so far.

Now it's your turn if you would like me to interview you just leave a comment and I will email you the questions!

Here's the directions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

Monday, January 26, 2009

On my mind

I feel guilty. I'm feeling this way for many reasons today. The main reason is that I yelled at my son. I was trying to give him medicine in a syringe and he was fighting it and fussing. I yelled at him to take his medicine and he proceeded to cry harder. I'm was frustrated with him. I have been very irritable lately. There are only 2 situations that make me feel like this. PMS and pregnancy. I haven't gotten my period back yet as I'm still breastfeeding and on a progesterone only birth control pill Micronor and from what I know progesterone can stop your periods or lighten them up a lot. I'm just waiting to get my period back. I have no way to measure if I 'm pregnant from missed period. I took a pregnancy test a few weeks back and it was negative. I have been feel like this for 2-3 weeks. I don't think that I am pregnant as I haven't missed nay pills near the time of relations and I'm not insanely tired as I was when I was first pregnant with Aaron. So I don't know why the feeling like this.

After Aaron started to cry I placed him in his crib and got a cloth to wipe his face as it was all sticky. The poor little guy was crying so hard. I feel guilty as I write this. I feel like a horrible mother. I was trying to get us out the door to catch the bus to get to a baby talk group. And I just realized that today that wasn't important and we could catch the next bus and I just rocked him nd cuddled him until he calmed down. As we were walking to the bus it drove by as it was early and I decided to not go to the group and to just get a coffee at the plaza. By now Aaron had fallen asleep and I decided to read my book for a bit. (I'm reading Twilight) after this I just decided to go for a walk around my neighbourhood and relax. I'm trying to work out by running/walking/going to the gym when I can. I think running is better. I live minutes away from the ocean which is a perfect for running, walking, biking and roller blading. I have a BOB stroller and it's time to use it. I am calmer now. Aaron is still sleeping. He's been sleeping in his stroller for the last hour and a half. My baby is sick. He is teething and he has a cold. He slept for 7 hours and 15 minutes last night. He hasn't never slept that long EVER! The most he has done was 7 hours when he was int he 2-4 motn range. I don't know if it was because he was sick or because I got 4 oz of formula in him before he went to bed last night. I'm trying to wean him a bit. I just almost want to cry and tell him I'm sorry over and over again. And rock him and never let him go. My baby needs me. I'm a SAHM and I think that is best for him. I am intending to go back to work part-time in the beginning of March. Ideally I would like to get a job waitress at the local pub a few nights a week so I can be with him as much as possible. I don't want him to go to day car 8-10 hours a day while he is this young. I could be back to work an do the 9-5 thing. But I want to bewith my boy. Part of me thinks that maybe I do need to go back to work so I have time to myself to do my thing. I suck at the housewife thing. I am not organized and I hate to clean. Well I should take this opportunity to study while Aaron sleeps. I have a midterm on Saturday and i will only get out of it what I put in.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Why is it that when I think of good posts when I am no where near a PC? It's Friday night and I am at home after an afternoon of studying for my medical terminology midterm next Saturday. God this shit is hard. I don't know how people do it. All these doctors and nurses... sometimes I am right into other days I just can't seem to get into it. Doing the cardiovascular system was a pain I just couldn't wrap my brain around it and my thoughts kept getting thwarted. Having a child certainly does make the brain wander. I wish I had taken the course at college as opposed to online. I asked my instructor is if I could transfer... I bet you know what the answer to that was; as the courses are designed differently no can do. I want to take a hospital unit course so that I can work as a unit clerk part-time to maximize my time at home with Aaron... but we shall see how it goes. I will be studying everyday until next Saturday.

One thing I have been wanting to blog about since I read it on Ginger's blog when she did this post which was taken from a friend’s blog. It's about centering your life for the year around one word and focusing your energy around it. For me that word is:

This year I want to focus on organizing areas of my my daily life into a routine for Aaron, my household, finances, and career paths. I am not the most organized person and I will be the first one to admit this. I really want to change myself for Aaron's sake. I want to be a role model for him which I lacked growing up. I want to start small with one thing at a time. For now I am going to focus on one room at time in the house. Right now it is the kitchen. Once I have gotten that down i will move on. I need some help getting organized but I will do it.

I would love to elaborate but you got the condensed version. Aaron has woken up from his evening nap and I am going to take him down for a walk to the store to get my cat some of her beloved treats. We ran out and she has been going through withdrawal. Must be going were teething over here and someone is miserable.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"*Bugger off your not getting treats..."

This is what I get to say multiple times per day to Izzy. I love my cat, I really do. But she wants her treats too damn much! Every.single.time. I go into the kitchen she meows her pretty little head off for treats like they're her right as a feline, not a privilege. I swear to god these things are like crack for cats. You shake the bag and she comes running just like in the commercials. I think 2x per day once in the morning and once in the evening is plenty enough, but being the suck that I am it ends up being more like 5. And if you say no to her she only meows louder you think we were torturing her. I am a bit of a softy with this cat. She was abused before we adopted her and I feel bad when I leave when Aaron and I venture to the mainland. (Eric is home with her, but I am her mum.) I swear it's like having 2 babies at times. I think she may need furry feline friend to occupy her as I am her favorite clearly. Heaven forbid if I go back work full time. (Which isn't the plan at the moment, but is subject to change).

On teething and other things...

After 9.5 months, Aaron is finally getting some teeth! I was beginning to think I was going to have to buy him a set of false teeth. His bottom front teeth are coming in. Were also working on a bedtime routine and since I started to write this sentence I have had to stop and soothe Aaron who had a little fall and try to put him to bed. His usual routine is that we put his PJ's on and I either breastfeed him or give him a bottle in his room with the lights dim and he'll either fall asleep on me or getting whiny and I put him in his crib and he will rarely go to sleep he usually has to cry for 10 minutes then I go in and rock him in my arms and sing a bit or rub his head and sing. Right now I do not think he is ready for bed as it's only 7pm but he was rubbing his eyes and I thought why not. I want his bedtime to be 8:00pm eventually... but I am going on his ques. I don't want to let him CIO (cry-it-out) It doesn't feel right to me, but sometimes I have just had it with the messy bedtime routine and frequent night wakings... I would like to gradually cut out the nighttime feedings by waking him up half an hour b4 his usual feed and the eventually just cut them out... but it's hard to do this when things like life get int he way. I am a get up and go with the flow kinda gal but this will have to change as a bedtime routine will need to become solid. Arg.

There's so much I want to write about, but responsibility demands my time school work awaits me. Medical Terminology is intense. I don't know how people in the medical profession do it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's About Time...

For me the write a post on my new blog as fortheluvovblog is much more catchier than sierakiera which is something I pulled out of a hat at random when I was creating my anonymous blog. If your reading this you must be new. Here is the line up of characters. My name is Siera, I have a 9.5 month old son named Aaron my fiance is Eric. Together we live in harmony most of the time. I also have a cat Izzy.

Things you should know about me.

- I am a SAHM and haven't worked for the past year but will be going back to work part time shortly

- My fiance is in the navy

- I am CANADIAN and live BC (which is directly above Washington State for my American readers.)

-I am half American

-This isn't mommy blog, but will probably focus on my daily adventures with Aaron seeing as he is the one that i spend the most time with

- I am lazy (as you can see due to m lack of posts) I do have good content in my opinion BUT I always think of it when I am lying in bed a night or at the store or striving and since I don't sleep with a lap top or own a PDA these posts do not get written most of the time.

- I'd love to own a PDA but cellular rates are atrocious in Canada especially data plans and I 'd be a slave to my Crackberry, iPhone, or whatever PDA I had more so than I am to my cell phone. Which would be a bad thing as I am OBSESSED with cell phones having worked for a major Canadian wireless provider for 3 years.

- I am a pessimist living trying have an optimistic outlook on life

- I love love love country music the louder and honkier the better. Trace Atkin's voice really does it for me. Aaron Pritchett is HOT before he become mainstream by Canada's standards I did a blow job shot out of his lap on my birthday back in the day when he used to play at Roosters. I'm not the first girl to do this by any means and this was a long long time ago.

- I have Post Partum Depression but has gotten a hell of a lot better since I started taking Zoloft.

That's all for now.

On my mind:

Last week when I was visiting family in Vancouver I took a jaunt across the line to do some cross border shopping and happened to wander into Costco. Where I bought a 30 pack of Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast for $8.69 which is a good deal considering you can pay $6 -$8 for a 6 pack in Canada. Canadian consumers get raped on a daily basis over our prices. Anyways this morning I made myself up one of these bad boys and it just wasn't' the same as the Canadian variety. I then went to compare the nutritional info on the Canadian version to my American version and the nutritional value is WAT off. The American version has way more vitamins but lacks the high amounts of iron content that the Canadian version has (which is primarily why I drink these.) The bad boys were a life saver when Aaron was an infant an I would eat whatever I had in time for when all I did was sleep when he did. Well I'm off to get coffee with some new mom's I met in my new neighbourhood. please delurk if your here. Muah.