Friday, January 16, 2009

It's About Time...

For me the write a post on my new blog as fortheluvovblog is much more catchier than sierakiera which is something I pulled out of a hat at random when I was creating my anonymous blog. If your reading this you must be new. Here is the line up of characters. My name is Siera, I have a 9.5 month old son named Aaron my fiance is Eric. Together we live in harmony most of the time. I also have a cat Izzy.

Things you should know about me.

- I am a SAHM and haven't worked for the past year but will be going back to work part time shortly

- My fiance is in the navy

- I am CANADIAN and live BC (which is directly above Washington State for my American readers.)

-I am half American

-This isn't mommy blog, but will probably focus on my daily adventures with Aaron seeing as he is the one that i spend the most time with

- I am lazy (as you can see due to m lack of posts) I do have good content in my opinion BUT I always think of it when I am lying in bed a night or at the store or striving and since I don't sleep with a lap top or own a PDA these posts do not get written most of the time.

- I'd love to own a PDA but cellular rates are atrocious in Canada especially data plans and I 'd be a slave to my Crackberry, iPhone, or whatever PDA I had more so than I am to my cell phone. Which would be a bad thing as I am OBSESSED with cell phones having worked for a major Canadian wireless provider for 3 years.

- I am a pessimist living trying have an optimistic outlook on life

- I love love love country music the louder and honkier the better. Trace Atkin's voice really does it for me. Aaron Pritchett is HOT before he become mainstream by Canada's standards I did a blow job shot out of his lap on my birthday back in the day when he used to play at Roosters. I'm not the first girl to do this by any means and this was a long long time ago.

- I have Post Partum Depression but has gotten a hell of a lot better since I started taking Zoloft.

That's all for now.

On my mind:

Last week when I was visiting family in Vancouver I took a jaunt across the line to do some cross border shopping and happened to wander into Costco. Where I bought a 30 pack of Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast for $8.69 which is a good deal considering you can pay $6 -$8 for a 6 pack in Canada. Canadian consumers get raped on a daily basis over our prices. Anyways this morning I made myself up one of these bad boys and it just wasn't' the same as the Canadian variety. I then went to compare the nutritional info on the Canadian version to my American version and the nutritional value is WAT off. The American version has way more vitamins but lacks the high amounts of iron content that the Canadian version has (which is primarily why I drink these.) The bad boys were a life saver when Aaron was an infant an I would eat whatever I had in time for when all I did was sleep when he did. Well I'm off to get coffee with some new mom's I met in my new neighbourhood. please delurk if your here. Muah.


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