Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview Me

Encephalgia is what I am suffering from right now. Let break encephalgia down for you dear reader(s). You read the word right to left. -algia means pain, encephal/o means brain. I have pain in my brain from studying all evening. I have made well over 200 flash cards I have midterm in 3 days and I'm cramming. The worst way to study I know. So here I am taking a break to do an interview from fellow blogger Steph.

1. How did you decide what you were going to name your son? And since I haven't read your archives, did you find out his gender before he was born or was it a surprise? What would his name have been if he was a girl? (Wow, that was three questions, but one category, so we'll leave them as one, LOL).

My son’s pseudonym is “Aaron” which a picked of a hat when I created my other blog. His real name, which I won’t reveal is Eric’s middle name. We hummed and hawed for a few days over his name. I really liked the name Alexander but we went with Eric’s middle name as we both liked it. We didn’t find out Aaron’s gender we chose to be surprised and we had 3 ultrasounds where could’ve found out but didn’t. If you want to read about my pregnancy you can go to my old old blog here I knew deep down that Aaron was a boy, but I was really hoping for a girl. Had he been a girl his name would’ve been Isabelle and Belle for short. (I hate the nick name Izzy.)

2. I read that you were half-American... which half and what part of the States is your family from? Were you born and grew up in Canada your whole life or did you live in the States as well?

I am half-American on my mother’s side. She was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa. I was born in Vancouver and raised in a suburb of Vancouver. I have never lived in the States I have only done tons of cross border shopping (living within a 30 min drive helps) and I have vacationed in various parts many times. My mother met and married her first husband and moved to Ontario with him (he was Canadian) and she hated it so they moved to Vancouver where she made her life, ended up marrying my dad and having me. I have 2 aunts on my Mom’s side one lives in the Dallas TX area; the other lives in Des Moines IA.

3. What is your favourite vacation spot, and why?

That is hard to say. As a child I vacationed in the Okanogan a lot. Kelowna is close second. But I would have to say the Grand Canyon. In 2006 I went to Las Vegas and took a day trip to the Grand Canyon and it was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. I could’ve sat and stared at it forever. If I ever go there again I would love to camp there. Maybe that will be a family vacation when Aaron is older.

4. If you were having visitors from another country come stay with you for a week, what local attractions are a MUST?

In Victoria? Almost every attraction is a must. This place is a big tourist city. But my favorite place to go before moving here was the Royal BC Museum. Also Butchart Gardens, and for sure Mount Douglas. You drive up the mountain and you get a beautiful view of the city. If you go for 2 min hike you get a 360 degree view of the city and the local Islands including the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Baker (the last three being in Washington State.) the view is phenomenal. Also a jaunt to Tofino is a must time permitting. It’s a 4 hour trek to the west coast of Vancouver Island and I have yet to venture there myself but I can’t wait to one day.

5. With your fiance being in the Navy, is he away from home a lot?

At the moment, no he did his sea time for many years and we were doing the long distance thing from Victoria to Vancouver, which is hard enough as it is throw in his sailing schedule and it was harder. Sometimes I would go weeks without seeing him. The most has been 2 months. I’m lucky a lot of sailors go away for 6 month deployments every few years. Right now he has a shore posting so he works office hours for the time being. It’s nice I’ve gotten used to it. But it will likely not last as it’s a posting season soon… when you’re with a sailor its not so bad when you live together as you get into a routine which makes life easier. The old routine was get up, go to work, come home, eat, sit ass on the computer, lather, rinse and repeat and then go to Vancouver on the weekends. I don’t know what this routine will be like with a toddler as he has been ashore for almost all of my pregnancy and Aaron’s life so far.

Now it's your turn if you would like me to interview you just leave a comment and I will email you the questions!

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Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Great answers!!!

I've been to Kelowna; my dad lived there for 9 years of his childhood, so we went on a big Western Canada road trip when I was in high school (three weeks, driving from Ontario to Victoria and back!). I also went to Victoria (as I just said, took the ferry from Nanaimo), and have been to the Butchart Gardens! Very gorgeous!

I'm glad to hear that Eric is home more than he's away, hopefully that won't change too much!

I didn't realize Aaron was a pseudonym, but good call! lol. That's neat that you wanted it to be a surprise, I think I'm going to find out the gender beforehand. "Isabelle" is one of my favourite girls names, maybe you'll get to use it in future. :-)

Great answers, thanks!

Siera said...

Possibly... I wasn't getting email notifications when I got a comment so I thought I was commentless. If there are future children and it there is a girl Isabelle will be a strong contender, but then again i change my baby name preferences every few years.