Friday, January 23, 2009


Why is it that when I think of good posts when I am no where near a PC? It's Friday night and I am at home after an afternoon of studying for my medical terminology midterm next Saturday. God this shit is hard. I don't know how people do it. All these doctors and nurses... sometimes I am right into other days I just can't seem to get into it. Doing the cardiovascular system was a pain I just couldn't wrap my brain around it and my thoughts kept getting thwarted. Having a child certainly does make the brain wander. I wish I had taken the course at college as opposed to online. I asked my instructor is if I could transfer... I bet you know what the answer to that was; as the courses are designed differently no can do. I want to take a hospital unit course so that I can work as a unit clerk part-time to maximize my time at home with Aaron... but we shall see how it goes. I will be studying everyday until next Saturday.

One thing I have been wanting to blog about since I read it on Ginger's blog when she did this post which was taken from a friend’s blog. It's about centering your life for the year around one word and focusing your energy around it. For me that word is:

This year I want to focus on organizing areas of my my daily life into a routine for Aaron, my household, finances, and career paths. I am not the most organized person and I will be the first one to admit this. I really want to change myself for Aaron's sake. I want to be a role model for him which I lacked growing up. I want to start small with one thing at a time. For now I am going to focus on one room at time in the house. Right now it is the kitchen. Once I have gotten that down i will move on. I need some help getting organized but I will do it.

I would love to elaborate but you got the condensed version. Aaron has woken up from his evening nap and I am going to take him down for a walk to the store to get my cat some of her beloved treats. We ran out and she has been going through withdrawal. Must be going were teething over here and someone is miserable.

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