Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Is Employed

Well I gone and done it. I got me a job.

I got a mere 5 days notice.

The pay is too good to turn down.

I haven't slept in I don't know how many nights.

I start tomorrow.


My head is swimming and I can't form a coherent thought.

You think over the weekend I would've meal planned, made meals to freeze and eat and had my house a little more organized. Nope my head is swimming. I need to shave my legs, straighten my hair and sleep.

Logistics suck. And the it's the end of the school year.

Thank-God Aaron is in daycare. That's all I can say.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nucking Futs

I forgot Aaron’s lunch today. I realized this halfway to his daycare and there wasn’t time to go home to get it. It was a rushed morning on the heals of a holiday weekend.

My first thought was I’d get him something at McDonald’s and then scolded myself. I was in a rush, he hadn’t had breakfast and there was a Tim Horton’s on the way.

Timmy’s it was. I was proud of myself for choosing a healthier option. I got him a bagel, fruit explosion muffin and 3 Timbits. It would have to do until I could get back there with his lunch. I had class and couldn’t be late.

When I came back a couple of hours later with his lunch a worker pulled me aside.

She gently chastised me for bringing Tim Horton’s into the center. His daycare is a nut free zone, and Tim Horton’s has nut products. I broke the cardinal rule of daycare. No Nuts.

Nukin Futs! I cursed silently.

I consoled myself with the fact that is was 5 O’clock somewhere and that I had 2 bottles of my favourite wine from a recent cross border trip.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Do I Do It?

That is, keep my son innocent as long as possible.

I have three-year-old. An immature and innocent little boy whom I'd like to keep that way for a long as I can.

I've been debating switching Aaron's daycare. He's in a great center with great staff. Its drawbacks are its location and the behavior of some of the children.

I know kids are kids and act like kids. I don't mind dirty, screaming, asking questions, and kids who are kids. But I do not like children who are rough. There isn't a no violence policy at Aaron's daycare. I realize kids will be kids, but I don't like seeing children punch each other. Not even not quite 4-year-olds.

One of Aaron's behavior interventionists commented that the children at his daycare seemed high strung. I never thought much of it. But the more I see, the more I think his therapist is right. Kids cry. Mine does, nearly every day. It's expected. But it seems almost every time I picking Aaron up or dropping him off, someone is crying.
Again not a reason to switch him daycares, but I don't want him around kids who use their fists before there words. He will see this enough when he hits kindergarten. He's doesn't need to be around it for the next 2.5 years.

I hesitate to switch him out of his daycare as he has made some connections with the staff and with Eric deploying and his presence being inconsistent when he is posted to a sea going ship. But I don't want him around problematic children either.

I am viewing daycares and putting him on wait lists. I hope I am making the right decision.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day and Then Some

I was going to write about the differences in my first Mother's Day where I did not "feel" like a mom due to post partum depression versus now but that post will have to wait till post exam and post dad visit.

Today has not been my day that is for sure. Or more so it started last night. I live in a very old house. And she decided to rear her ugly head last night.

It was apparent when I went downstairs to flip laundry that my utility sink had spaghetti sauce in it. My first thought was WTF? Nobody was doing dishes down in basement. It soon became apparent that my kitchen sink was leaking into my utility sink. (The pipes are all connected.)

Naturally, I did what any girl would do. I went to the store and got some Liquid Plumbr foaming pipe snake for my kitchen sink. It usually solves the problem.

Not last night.

In the afternoon my dad was running a load of clothes (he’s over for the weekend visiting “helping out” with Aaron. I saying “helping out” as he means well but disregards a lot of I say on how act with Aaron and how to use my house and causes me more stress than good.) And the utility sink was not draining when the washing machine flowing into it. (I have a lovely plumbing system in my house.)

We avoided a overflow of the sink by 3 inches! I promptly turned off the machine and sent my dad to the store for more Liquid Plumbr.

After the sink slowly drained, I administered it with the instructions to my dad to not use the washing machine, kitchen sink or utility sink until an hour had passed and I could pour boiling water down the utility sink.

Simple instructions. Right?

Sure if your anyone but my dad.

Before an hour had passed and he asked me if he could use the washing machine and I said No.

Next thing I know, he in the kitchen washing dishes! Ugh.

That hour was wasted as cold water had leaked down to the utility sink and all the foaming action of the Liquid Plumbr was wasted. After it sits for an hour, hot water activates whatever agents are needed to finish to job.

You think this would be only one upset of my day. But it’s not. I was baby sitting my son’s friend and figured two adults to two kids no problem. Yeah no.

As I said my dad means well but doesn’t listen to parenting instructions which really makes for a difficult day.

I would rather be on my own with two toddler boys then have my dad around at times. I am not trying to sound ungrateful, I am not. But when I ask him to not do something and he disregards that or wakes up little boys I am trying nap or makes so much noise they can’t fall asleep I get a little pissy.

And throwing trying to study for an exam tomorrow. Yeah, today has been stressful.

There were a few tantrums and hysterics from Aaron to. But such is life with him. If I am stressing, he picks up on it.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad Mother’s Day. Eric got my gift card for my favourite make up store and my boy fell asleep in my arms.

I am onto round 2 of Liquid Plumbr for the utility sink and will be happy lady when I see a plumber tomorrow as a sink shouldn’t be back flowing sand and dirt into it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Don’t Recognize Myself

Something in me has changed over the last day or so and I don’t know what to account for that change. Eric is away right for the next 2 weeks so it is just Aaron and I. Something is different about me.

I am calmer with Aaron and OMG I actually WANT to clean. If you know me, I lack a lot of patience when it comes to parenting. I also loathe cleaning with a passion! And if the task can be put off, then by God it will be put off!

I have had a very busy 24 hours as outlined in my two brief posts I wrote yesterday. I was able t among all the stuff I had to do, I actually parented Aaron the way I would want to be parented.

There were a few moments when he was going into full blown toddler meltdown mode and my reaction to the situation would either add fuel to the fire or diffuse it.

I don’t remember exactly what the situation was as we have many situations like these through out our days and I am just too tired to remember.

There was one moment yesterday where I just wanted to nap. I knew he needed one, I needed one and I nap best when it is just Aaron and I. I don’t know why. Maybe it goes back to our baby days when we would co-sleep for our naps but I usually nap best if he is home with me.

I do miss those days and I miss him being at home with me. I am pretty sure that a job is in the near future for me. I am optimistic but don’t want put the cart too far in front of the horse. I have to submit a security clearance and pending that, I am hopeful that an offer will be made.

Which makes me wonder if I have missed out these last 5 months of Aaron being in daycare instead of him being at home, with me. I tear up thinking about it. Developmentally, we felt it was the best thing for him. And his speech progress is making leaps and bounds. Some of the things that come out of his mouth surprise me and I marvel at him.

I am so thankful that his speech his coming. I really don’t know what to attribute my calm demeanor to, but whoever or whatever I am thankful to.

And I actually cleaned, without being told to. I don’t know what it is but my house’s lack of organization and clutter is eating away at me. I may be this subconscious nesting I feel to do in preparation for going back to work. Because I can see how being organized will make life so much easier especially when everything will fall on me. This includes but is not limited too parenting, cleaning, and getting crap down around the house.

Eric had a big deployment coming up but we don’t know the details or dates which is maddening. But thankfully now that the damn election was over with, the government can make some decisions for our Canadian Forces. (In case you didn’t know, Canada had a federal election yesterday. We have a Conservative majority and the NDP as the official opposition. [That is history in itself])

And yes, I voted.

Even more historic, is the fact that I cleaned out my freezer tonight without a fuss or procrastinating.

Yes, you read right. I Siera, cleaned out my freezer tonight.

Actually, it started as me saying to myself that I would organize it, but in while in the middle of the deed, it was apparent that a wipe down was needed. Thankfully, it was just some debris and spilled vegetables and not raw meat juice.

Sometimes I think that the clean fairies are going to come and rescue me, but in reality only I will rescue me.

Well until Eric gets home or my dad comes for a visit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I Should Care About...

but don't.

- Our Federal Election and who will lead mess up our country.
- The Vancouver Canucks game
- Osama Bin Dead
- Eric's coming deployment

What I do care about.

- Studying more for my biology quiz tomorrow morning
- Preparing for my job assessment and/or interview tomorrow morning
- My toddler who can now climb out of his crib getting enough sleep
- Packing said toddler's lunch.

On Goings

In the next 24 hours I have to:

- Study for a quiz for Biology

- Prepare for job interview/test for job with Stats Can

Two big priorities. By myself with a toddler.

This morning I had to have a SLP (speech and language pathologist) meet us at the house.

My plan was nap myself and Aaron, take him back to daycare and study at the library as neither is going on with him at home.

He hasn't napped. Neither have I. Now it's time to take him back to daycare.

On top of studying what has been loaded on me.

-Finding a form to fax for Aaron's Austism Funding Eric was suppose to deal with, which never got done.

-Fax an asset qualification to someone for a government job I've been put in a qualified pool for as I am not sure an email attachment is sufficient. (Due tonight at midnight! Less than 24 hours notice)

I also have to ensure my toddler is happy, attended to, fed nutritious meals and bathed.

And I have to make myself look good for my interview which means more than a jeans, shirt and ponytail.

All on my own.