Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome Home!

I had the worst home coming that I think I've ever had. (Even worsre than the birthday present the cat left me) After being away for 2.5 weeks, I was looking forward to coming home throwing together a dip and heading to my block party. Instead something died in my house.

Okay not, really.

But it certainly smells like something died!

While we were away we had our kitchen floor redone. (it was in bad shape.) The handyman forgot to ensure the fridge was plugged in and everything in my fridge and freezer rotted. I kid you not. Everything had to go. I had soups, meat sauces, veggies, bread, and frozen juice in there. Now it's sitting in a bin on the side of my house. I have no idea what the garbage man will think.

My house reeks. I called the handy man in tears, he said he made sure it was on. I couldn't talk to him. Since Eric is away and we arrived home during our block party I had to of my neighbours move the fridge so we could plug it back in. There is a power bar back there. I never knew this.

This house it that old. This house is a POS. We wouldn't buy it in a million years. It just happens to be in a really nice neighbourhood.

I had to share this news. Now I've got unpacking to do along with getting my house smelling good. All the Indian spices I bought the other day ought to do the trick.

I am SO glad I don't have back to school to deal with!

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S.I.F. said...

Oh my gross! That's awful! I can't handle bad smells like that at all! YUCK!