Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Life has been interesting since we got home. My kitchen looks like it threw up all over the counters as I have crap EVERYWHERE! I am trying to reorganize and de clutter my kitchen, throw in an extra toddler and stuff just doesn't get done.

Anyone who is organized and runs a seemingly smooth home, I envy you. I have come to the realization that I m not super mom and I never will be no matter how much I try. I really want my house organized, and not random crap haphazardly thrown in whatever random drawer of cupboard so I can have some sense of order in my life. I find it very overwhelming, and don't know where to start. Doing this on my own, being a mom and running a household is hard. I am trying, but failing miserably.

Hell, the other day I was sitting in the car trying to make a list and I couldn't think, I got very anxious and had to get out of the car. All from making a grocery list! Something is not right.

I am also frustrated with the clinic I am working with in Vancouver. Liz and Mike (my intended parents) had their consult last week and Liz told me to contact the donor coordinator nurse today and the nurse had no clue who we were or what she was dealing with. She is going to mail me paperwork, and then if I am found suited we can proceed. WTF? The clinic here emailed it to me. I called them when I was over so I could do all that while I was there and they said they couldn't help me until the IP's had their consult. I didn't know filling out paper work had to wait. I don't like this clinic already, but it isn't my choice.

I could bitch some more, but I've got a kitchen to put together.

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S.I.F. said...

Doing the donations really is a lot of work... but it will be worth it when you help them achieve their dream. I'm so proud of you lady!