Sunday, September 19, 2010

High School Reunion Fail

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Being that I was born in '82, is 10 year high school reunion time for many of my friends, and friends of friends. This one was making it's way around some of my friends on Facebook and it's too funny not to share with all of my two readers.

*Names have been changed. Duh.

Thanks to everyone whom came out tonight. Everyone looked beautiful! I feel the reunion was a success, and I am happy with the turn out that made it. I need to thank Bobby Jo Davis* whom met me hours earlier to help set up and stayed way past 2am helping me clean at the end aswell. She deserves 1000 Thankyous. Also thanks to Bill Bishop* and Corey Milton* (and friends) for their support.
You can never expect things to go perfect, so alas for the bad news:
1- Whom ever stole the case of beer, a few bottles of alcohol and some of the table cash: YOU ARE LAME.
2- To the 6-7 people whom came without paying, which as a result I ended up paying for you: ALSO LAME.
3- To the people who wondered off into the places that they were not supposed to be (ie. the principles office) and triggered the alarm which brought the police: If I get charged a fee for security coming I am going to be pissed. And you make me look bad for your idiocracy.
4- For the loser who put the game piece in the toilet: Seriously?
5- And for the people who smashed beer bottles outside: Grow up.In was at the school until 4am working with the janitor to clean up the mess that was left behind. I will be charged over time for an additional shift which is unfortunate.
But-- like I said, I wanted to make this happen, and I anticipated there would be a few assholes. It's a high school reunion-- its bound to happen. Planning this was certainly an adventure for me from the start right through to the clean up. I will be honest, the stupidity of some people whom graduated from Dixon High* is shocking. lol.
I won’t let packing the car in the pissing rain and a shitty end to a good night ruin the whole thing. SO many many thanks to those whom helped in various ways. It was nice to see so many smiling faces.
And I wont let a few assholes ruin my perception of our grad class as a whole. I hope you had fun. Take care of yourself, and best wishes to all.
A note to the organizer of this event. This is why you have your high school reunion at a venue.
You pay someone else to do all the work described above for you!
I wonder what I will encounter at my high school reunion? Glad I am not from this graduating class!