Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last Few Days

I have had an interesting week say the least on Wednesday night I was hit with a flu or food poisoning and it knocked me out all night long there was no sleeping and I spent a good portion of the night in the bathroom. I was in rough shape. As soon as a decent hour hit, I called a friend and took Aaron to her and myself to the hospital. I couldn't keep anything down I felt so dehydrated I wanted IV fluids. I couldn't keeping anything down, not water, diluted apple juice or Gravol. It wasn't fun. Let me tell you.

I never made it inside the doors of the ER. When I got to ER, the triage nurses weren't assessing anybody and had a list of people sitting just waiting to be checked in, not even in the waiting area to get in behind the doors. I had screw this moment, and decided to go home and take my chances.

Knowing that I was going to the hospital, I traveled light. I took my drivers license, Care Card (health card) and debit card. I wrapped and elastic band around them and threw them in a little make-up bag along with my Carmex. I had that along with my keys and cell phone. After I had my screw this moment, I walked to my car in the parkade and called my friend to check in on Aaron. In the short walk to my carI manage to lose my cards. I realised this as I was pulling up to the parkade and I had no way to pay the attendant. I was in tears at this point. I was more than 24 hours without sleep, dehydrated and without ID.

The attendant was a first class a-hole who told me that I am grown up and need to act like a grown up. I couldn't barely sputter out the words that I lost my debit card, all he would say was they don't take debit and to go the the ATM in the hospital to get cash. I was a mess.

Too make a long story short, I retraced my steps, came up fruitless, my friend showed up at the hospital without me asking her to and she had cash so I could pay. While we walked back to my car, I was looking in the stalls for my cards when a man in van asked me if I was looking for something and I said my ID. He said me name. Turns out he found it and turned it into information. God Bless him. That was one less headache I had to deal with. I got myself some Gatorade manage to keep it down and came home and rested. My aunt showed up as she was on her way over for a visit (the timing couldn't have been better!) she helped me out a lot. I am feeling better and Aaron is off. Agh.

The poor boy threw up last night after I put him to bed. After a quick bath and change of bedding he woke up once and I gave him some Gatorade and slept until I woke him up this morning. He hardly ate anything at all today and had a 4 hour nap! I was worried so I woke him up and he woke up happy and ready to play. He wouldn't drink so I gave him a cup of Gatorade in a syringe. I don't know what is up with him bit he will drink anything out of syringe.

We went to the a walk-in clinic. I got antibiotics for my never ending sinus infection, and the doctor said he might get worse, but seeing how happy he's been playing I don't think he will.


In Aaron news, he used the potty two times in the course of one evening all on his own! I had him roaming diaper free and next thing I know is I look and there is pee in the potty. I missed it both times. Even though I was in the room. I praised him both times he was quite pleased with himself.

I've also enrolled him in swimming lessons we start next week. It was apparent he was ready for them when we were visiting my grandpa. It will be interesting, as most times when we go swimming he'd rather wander the pool deck than play in the water.


S.I.F. said...

What a rough day lady! I'm just happy to hear that you're feeling better though!

SciFi Dad said...

Sorry about the whole lost ID thing and the sick... that sucks.

My kids had VERY different reactions to their first swimming lessons: my daughter was terrified and my son loved it. Interestingly, both loved swimming with my wife, however. It was the independence of the class that seemed to bug my daughter.