Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Just Want to Make a Baby

I am still proceeding with being an egg donor. Things are moving errr rather slowly. I really don't like the clinic that Mike and Liz are using. Their too fucking picky. I guess I was spoiled getting to know the clinic here with my brief dealings with them. I like the way they conduct themselves, their professionalism and the RE rocks in his bedside matter. People come from all over the province and out of province and even country to go there.

My beef is that we can't proceed with a cycle until Eric gets back because he needs to get blood work done as he is my partner. For real? I asked the donor nurse what the difference would be if he were my boyfriend with whom I was monogamous with versus my common-law husband. They will not budge. My IP's floated the idea of using the clinic here. I really wish they had.

The fact that it's taking so long, is wigging Liz out (I get it I really do) and she thinks I may back out. I have no intentions in doing such. Liz and I email each other to keep one another up to date with our dealings with the donor coordinator nurse so we keep the communication going well. She wasn't even aware that Eric had to be tested until I told her. The fact that he is deployed serving his country matters not to them. Good thing it's not a 6 monther. Fuck.

Another thing that is pissing me off, is that I need to get an Antral Follicle Count (AFC) which is an ultrasound of my ovaries to check my follicle count (each follicle makes and egg) to see if I will produce and good number. This was mine and Liz's idea as I don't want to go through with cycle and turn out to be a bum donor. If I have a shitty reserve there is no point in me going through a cycle and Mike and Liz wasting their money on the drugs.

What is pissing me off is when I should get it done. I went off the pill so they could get an accurate AFC. I went off the pill a week ago. The donor nurse wouldn't answer my question if it's better to wait until I get a period on my own then do that count or if it makes a difference if I get one now. I happen to be going to Vancouver this weekend. She booked me for an AFC as I will be there and they want to accommodate me. They don't need to accommodate me if Eric won't be back for a month and we can't proceed until then. I told her this. Apparently days 2-4 on a cycle is the best time to do an AFC. I want to get the best possible look at my ovaries and I don't want to incur Liz and Mike any additional costs. IVF aint cheap.

This is most frustrating. I just want to make a baby.


SciFi Dad said...

I have to say, I'm finding this series about being a donor very fascinating. I don't think I could donate to another couple; I'm in awe that you can.

Siera said...

I've spent years reading IVF blogs getting to know women who can't conceive on their own. It's heart breaking and I want do something to help someone else. Blogging is what made me think of the idea.