Wednesday, December 28, 2011

False Advertisement

This marks my 230th post on this blog tonight. I also had my 430th tweet. I sometimes wonder how many posts I lost on my old blog when I let the domain expire. Ce La Vie.

So a lot is going on and nothing at the same time. I have so many things floating around in my brain at the moment. I will think of awesome posts through out the day when I am at work and then lose them when I get home. There is the daycare issue, finding place, moving out, the challenges of parenting an autistic child. Sometimes it seems the older Aaron gets the more "autistic" he gets. But that is another post for another day.

I looked at two places tonight for Aaron and I. I want a 2 bedroom preferably with in-suite or shared laundry and a full bath tub. Not just a shower stall.

What I viewed tonight I thought were 2 bedrooms. Such a waste of my time. The first place I viewed was "1 bedroom and a den". To me a definition of a den is a small room suitable for an office or nook or toddler. It lacks a closet. The "den" I saw in the first place was a living room that could be used as a den. I figured it would have a bedroom, living room kitchen and smaller room suitable for Aaron. Yeah, no dice.

The second place was actually a 2 bedroom. With a kitchen an no living room. I don't think so.

I don't understand while rentals are so freaking expensive here. Some basement suites run $1200! WTF? Hell in Metro Vancouver I could at get a nice 2 bedroom basement suite for $875. I've seen 3 bedrooms on the top floor of a house for $900. Sometimes I really hate it here. It's amazing what difference 50 km and and island will make.

I didn't want this post to be whiny. Some how it has. I am all dried up for good material. I wanted to do a post about music. I listen to it all day long at work. I get right into it. Shit. You know what I just typed Reba has been texting me. (My dad had been  texting me and I had been relaying this info to Eric.) When I meant to type, Reba has been a favorite as of late. I go on to Groove Shark search an artist and select all their songs and rock out all day long.

A few others I have been listening to, Michael Jackson, Janet, Madonna, Will Smith (Summertime takes me back to my youth), Trace Adkins (as if that is any surprise) Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Keith Anderson (I love XXL), Blake Shelton,  Easton Corbin, Aerosmith, The Clash, The Cure, Nirvana, Blind Melon. As you can see my music tastes vary greatly. I still love me my country music first and foremost. So much so I think my girl Kit Kat and I will be hitting out favourite Honky Tonk on NYE.

I should be going to bed. I didn't get to bed till midnight last night as I decided to go to the gym and go for a swim.G'night.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

If you Fail To Plan...

Plan to fail. This can even be said

for cake decorating... What ok so well Not my finest moment

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Wasn’t Feeling It

So the no posting for the last month or so? I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t know what to write or how to write it. I was feeling very Blah.

Eric and I are still living as roommates and parenting as we always have. The plan is to get my own place in the New year.

I have a new job. Yay! I’ve only been there just shy of a week but I really like the place and the staff. I am back to doing something I know and love. Call center and email support. The product is something that I am not so familiar with but I am learning it fast I love love love it! The job is part time which I hope is a nice balance between staying at home with Aaron.


So I wrote that a few days ago. Which I have been meaning to post. I am sick with body aches and pains and a phlegmy cough. I feel nauseous at times due to sinus pain. Weee.

I have a very big case of the Blahs being sick. I am still going to work as I have a sit down job. My hob isn’t mentally or physically challenging so I might as well go. I want to get back into blogging. I miss this place. I may get yet another domain. I am thinking of one, I just haven’t jumped on it yet.

I have looked at one place for Aaron and I. It would’ve been perfect, but the landlord didn’t go with us alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

We also need to find a new daycare as their hours have changed. We found one that would’ve been the right fit except I could smell traces of smoke it in that filter from the upstairs as it’s in the basement of a house. That is a no go.


In March I am going to see Blake Shelton in Seattle! I am so stoked for this. It’s something I am really looking forward to. I’ve loved his music ever since I heard Austin in 2001. He is hosting a cruise in October, but I think going is a little far fetched to go given that the cost of the cruise doesn’t include getting there. I will have to be happy with going to his concert.

My sick and tired butt is going to bed.