Thursday, July 23, 2009


All I wanna do is blog! I have a kick ass domain with pow web. I hear they're great. They use wordpress as a blogging template. I HATE WORDPRESS! It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to install a program and for me to be up and blogging at my new kick-ass domain. Which I will not introduce to you until I can post there. ! Ugh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pet Peave

Cyclists who ride 2 abreast on a busy street. I loathe this as a driver. On a quiet residential street you can get away with this but not on a main street. YOUR NOT A VEHICLE! Last night on my way home from hot yoga there were 2 men doing this for 2 blocks, on busy street. as a driver when I see this I will roll down my window and say "you suppose to be riding single file." I don't think they cared. I did this to a family of four on a main street the dad gave me a piece of his mind. To him I say: "Are you trying to spend an all expenses family vacation paid by the Province of BC to the hospital?? Riding 2 abreast on a busy 50 Km/hr (30 MPH) 2 lane road where in order for cars to pass you they need to go into the oncoming lane isn't safe for drivers you or you family! Not all drivers are cautious and with the amount of speeders out there, your insane and setting a bad example for your children!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maybe it was the Fish?

I am thinking that maybe I wasn't having IBS issues yesterday but maybe I got food poisoning from the Fish 'N Chips... Eric came down with the same issues I was having so we think we got food poisoning. Needless to say were never eating at this Fish N Chip place again. I can see how it happened being a Friday night and busy cross contamination would be easy. Small space, raw fish touches veggies on the burger or the hands the make the fish touch the raw veggies... the more i think about it the more I think this happened. Our weekend together turned into a sick weekend. Ugh. The only good that came out of this is that I am going to directing my eating habits toward my IBS and I now have IBS friendly foods stocked in my kitchen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

TMI Warning This is a poopy post, and not of the baby variety.

I feel betrayed by my body today. It's 27 C (80 F) out sunny and beautiful and what have I done today? Nothing. I have been housebound Well that's not completely true. I've slept and become one with the toilet. I have IBS and today it decides to kick me in the ass with avegeance.

The shitty part is that my dad is here the weekend helping Eric and i out with Aaron so we could have some much needed alone time. HAHAHA! Eric isn't feeling well. he is all achy and just wants to sleep. I don't know what it is, but every time my dad comes over to gives us a much needed hand someone is sick and our plans get thrown out the window. Right now my dad has Aaron out and about and they're probably hitting up a spray park or something, and I am sitting around waiting for my next date with the potty.

I don't remember my IBS ever being this bad before I had Aaron. I could go to work and make it to the john in time. It's sad to say that we have 2 sizes of diapers in the house and only one is for Aaron. I never in my life depended on Depends before. It's so embarrassing. And no I don't use them out in public, When things are like this I don't leave the house. it's just to get me from whatever room I happen to be in in the house to the bathroom. That's how bad my IBS is at times.

I kind of saw this coming though. I've been having GI issues all week and would get an upset stomach after eating at times which lead me to think that I may a) have celiac or b) and ulcer. I went to see my dr. yesterday and got some blood work done. Now I am just waiting for the results... I think the Fish and Chips we had last night did me in. We got Fish and Ships and went and ate them on the beach. It was nice. We fed our left overs to the crows. Then we went and saw Bruno. Fat is an IBS trigger. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! Today all I have had to eat is half a smoothie (milk based as I thought it may soothe my tummy if I do indeed have an ulcer) and a bowel of rice with a little honey, soy milk and sugar. which is a quick fix in my book Eating for IBS.

Were suppose to go to a friend's place tonight and play board games, which I think we will be able to do. I've maxed out on Imodium and it's doing it's job. all I can say is at least this happened during the day and not at night like last time where I was up until 3am. And good thing my dad is here to keep Aaron occupied while mommy and daddy are feeling like shit. With Eric not feeling well we were just going to go to a lake and sleep under a tree, but that didn't happen thanks to me.

I'm a little miffed with this, as we need to work on us a couple. We've been having some issues that need to be worked on otherwise I don't think were going to make it. But I don't feel like elaborating. One thing that I need to do is change.

I've got many things I'd like to work on. My health, my procrastination, my lack of keeping a clean house.

I'd like to change my diet. Obviously, with the IBS. I've thought of going organic or vegan or both for a week to heal my body or I've considered as juice fast which is suppose to cleanse your body. And by juice fast I mean juicing my own fruits and veggies in my juicer. it takes all the fiber out of the fruits, which is one less thing your body needs to digest aiding in healing your body. It is better explained here I am a little reserved about a juice fast as fruit juices can trigger IBS especially green veggies. Ugh. There are two types of fiber soluble (can dissolved in water) and insoluble fiber. (can't be dissolved) Insoluble fiber is considered rough and can aggravate the intestines and increased pain and diarrhea attacks...

Are yous till reading? i have no idea why I got onto IBS details. All I know is that I need to make a change. I think I will lay off the IBS triggers eat some recipes out of my book and make an apt with a naturalpath, and continue exercising when I can.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Excited!

Chopping Board Post


Even thought I barely got any sleep last night, I am functional today. Sadly, I am unable to nap as I had a grande americano when my friend and I took our kids for a walk.


Aaron said his first word today! I was feeding him lunch and he said "cat!" Yesterday when I was getting dressed and my friend who was visiting was supervising lunch she said that he said "ca" when the cat jumped on the table. (She is such a nosey girl and a mooch to boot.) Today enters kitty and I said "cat" and he copied me in the softest little whisper! I was so thrilled but didn't over praise him as I didn't want scare him.

In other Aaron news, he is toddling every where in the last week and this morning he started climbing onto the foot stool that goes with our glider and rocking back and forth on it rocks in sequence with the rocking chair.

This is a fun time for us.


I have a job interview tomorrow to be a supervisor at a small call center. I have no supervisory experience, but I landed an interview! All my years of working in call center has finally paid off. (The abuse you take as a rep can be horrendous. Picture yourself when you're being bitchiest to your local utility company rep and multiply that by 56 over 4 years and you may get a tiny glimpse into what a rep may feel, add personal issues to that and you get and even better idea. Imagine catching your boyfriend in bed with another girl, or that you found out he slept with your married friend and that they sent dirty emails behind your back the whole time your were dating and you get an idea that reps are people too.)

Part of me wants the job and part of me doesn't as I don't want to work full time yet. If I get it, then it's meant to be. I'd be in charge of 5-6 reps. I'm not nervous in the slightest as I have nothing to prove and I don't know the interviewers so it's a fresh start.

I have been feeling a little dejected as I haven't heard anything from any of the serving jobs I had a applied for, so I humbled myself and applied at Starbucks and a grocery store and still nothing. Yet when I apply for office work, I get called for an interview. I have applied for 3 office jobs in 6 months and I have been called or tested for all 3. Something tells me I am destined to be an office bitch for the time being, until I can get my Unit Clerk schooling under my belt, which will be a while yet until I can get my typing to 50 WPM.


Has anyone ever practiced Bikrams Yoga? I've been doing ti for the last week and I am hoping to see some sort of benefit of it... I like it more than when I first tried it. I don't like the redundancy of the postures and the verbatim is always the same. ("Reach back, way back, far back, touch the wall...") Some instructors are a little too intense for my liking. Once I started staying in the back of the room and only taking their words as a grain of salt and stretching my posture until I felt a slight level of discomfort, did I start to enjoy it. I have been more intense over my fitness this last little bit and I hope that it pays off....

Ciao for now.

I want to curse a thousand different words

Last night was horrible. Aaron is teething and slept like crap. OMG! And the thing is I don't know if it is the teething or the tantrums or a combination of the two. He was medicated to say the least. I couldn't find any of my teething gels that had anything left! I have no idea where the Orajel got to last night. I think maybe its more on the tantrum side as when Aaron is sick he gets extra cuddles and such and maybe he thinks this behavior screaming bloody murder for no reason when all his needs are met will get him results.

I am reading people. I am reading. Currently I am reading The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers and Daddy Dearest and I have gone to one Triple P Positive Parenting session. I can't read my kid at times and I find this so frustrating. When he is sick or in pain the 1st thing I do is cuddle him, rock and sing and do whatever I can to soothe him. But the last day or so whenever I put him down he cries. Right now he is in his crib... he is tired and needs more sleep. I am beyond exhausted needless to say. Well I am going to go back to bed if he will allow it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Go read this article and you'll get the gist of it... I think it's a load of BULL CRAP

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm doing It!

I'm going to Vancouver for an ENTIRE weekend without.the.boy. He'll be on daddy time for the weekend and I'll be on my time getting some much needed R & R. I'll be making a side trip south of the border to see some Fourth of July fireworks and maybe get some shopping in. See you all next week.