Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Excited!

Chopping Board Post


Even thought I barely got any sleep last night, I am functional today. Sadly, I am unable to nap as I had a grande americano when my friend and I took our kids for a walk.


Aaron said his first word today! I was feeding him lunch and he said "cat!" Yesterday when I was getting dressed and my friend who was visiting was supervising lunch she said that he said "ca" when the cat jumped on the table. (She is such a nosey girl and a mooch to boot.) Today enters kitty and I said "cat" and he copied me in the softest little whisper! I was so thrilled but didn't over praise him as I didn't want scare him.

In other Aaron news, he is toddling every where in the last week and this morning he started climbing onto the foot stool that goes with our glider and rocking back and forth on it rocks in sequence with the rocking chair.

This is a fun time for us.


I have a job interview tomorrow to be a supervisor at a small call center. I have no supervisory experience, but I landed an interview! All my years of working in call center has finally paid off. (The abuse you take as a rep can be horrendous. Picture yourself when you're being bitchiest to your local utility company rep and multiply that by 56 over 4 years and you may get a tiny glimpse into what a rep may feel, add personal issues to that and you get and even better idea. Imagine catching your boyfriend in bed with another girl, or that you found out he slept with your married friend and that they sent dirty emails behind your back the whole time your were dating and you get an idea that reps are people too.)

Part of me wants the job and part of me doesn't as I don't want to work full time yet. If I get it, then it's meant to be. I'd be in charge of 5-6 reps. I'm not nervous in the slightest as I have nothing to prove and I don't know the interviewers so it's a fresh start.

I have been feeling a little dejected as I haven't heard anything from any of the serving jobs I had a applied for, so I humbled myself and applied at Starbucks and a grocery store and still nothing. Yet when I apply for office work, I get called for an interview. I have applied for 3 office jobs in 6 months and I have been called or tested for all 3. Something tells me I am destined to be an office bitch for the time being, until I can get my Unit Clerk schooling under my belt, which will be a while yet until I can get my typing to 50 WPM.


Has anyone ever practiced Bikrams Yoga? I've been doing ti for the last week and I am hoping to see some sort of benefit of it... I like it more than when I first tried it. I don't like the redundancy of the postures and the verbatim is always the same. ("Reach back, way back, far back, touch the wall...") Some instructors are a little too intense for my liking. Once I started staying in the back of the room and only taking their words as a grain of salt and stretching my posture until I felt a slight level of discomfort, did I start to enjoy it. I have been more intense over my fitness this last little bit and I hope that it pays off....

Ciao for now.


Mrs.Sgt said...

How did the interview go? I've been in call centers for the past few years and know too well the frustration. I interviewed last week in our center for a temp supervisor position, it's what I did at my last center. I should know sometime next week.

Siera said...

The interview went well. I didn't get the job, but I am okay with that seeing as I have no real supervisory experience. i was happy just to be interviewed. I am holding off looking for a job until the end of the month as were off to Calgary then Vegas in 2 weeks.

Siera said...

PS- Good Luck on the job. How do you like working in Call centers? I've worked in 4 of them.