Sunday, September 19, 2010


I should be writing a cover letter right now. It’s for a job that I would love to have but is so far out of my reach I don’t know what the point in applying is. I lack the education needed but I have the combined experience. This reminiscent of high school when I would leave to essay writing the last minute. High school being the theme of the day. Blogging is a great distraction from actually getting work done.

I am going to have reach deep inside of myself to get a good cover letter. Sometimes I can pull them outta my ass in half an hour. I really don’t think such is the case here. I have many cover letters but none geared to this type of job.

I’ve been thinking lately about observations I have of people and thoughts I have in passing that have come true. I don’t know how to write this without sounding like a complete nut job, but I have some sixth sense at times where I think of something and it will happen. By no means can I predict the future or do I think I am psychic which I don’t believe in. I just have a feeling something will happen and then something or that event does. Before 9/11 I remember thinking to myself “It’s been awhile since a world wide event took place that rocked the news has happened.” Awhile later we all know what happened.

I’ve had 2 such thoughts in the last 6 months on a lesser scale one positive one not positive about people I interact with IRL and online and things have happened which I had a passing thought about. I guess premonition would be the right word. It’s weird. It doesn’t scare me, it is just is weird. That’s all I can say. Maybe god is trying to tell me something about some people. If such is the case, I don’t want to go up to someone and say X is going to happen to you. Because that person would think I am a nut job.

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