Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day and Then Some

I was going to write about the differences in my first Mother's Day where I did not "feel" like a mom due to post partum depression versus now but that post will have to wait till post exam and post dad visit.

Today has not been my day that is for sure. Or more so it started last night. I live in a very old house. And she decided to rear her ugly head last night.

It was apparent when I went downstairs to flip laundry that my utility sink had spaghetti sauce in it. My first thought was WTF? Nobody was doing dishes down in basement. It soon became apparent that my kitchen sink was leaking into my utility sink. (The pipes are all connected.)

Naturally, I did what any girl would do. I went to the store and got some Liquid Plumbr foaming pipe snake for my kitchen sink. It usually solves the problem.

Not last night.

In the afternoon my dad was running a load of clothes (he’s over for the weekend visiting “helping out” with Aaron. I saying “helping out” as he means well but disregards a lot of I say on how act with Aaron and how to use my house and causes me more stress than good.) And the utility sink was not draining when the washing machine flowing into it. (I have a lovely plumbing system in my house.)

We avoided a overflow of the sink by 3 inches! I promptly turned off the machine and sent my dad to the store for more Liquid Plumbr.

After the sink slowly drained, I administered it with the instructions to my dad to not use the washing machine, kitchen sink or utility sink until an hour had passed and I could pour boiling water down the utility sink.

Simple instructions. Right?

Sure if your anyone but my dad.

Before an hour had passed and he asked me if he could use the washing machine and I said No.

Next thing I know, he in the kitchen washing dishes! Ugh.

That hour was wasted as cold water had leaked down to the utility sink and all the foaming action of the Liquid Plumbr was wasted. After it sits for an hour, hot water activates whatever agents are needed to finish to job.

You think this would be only one upset of my day. But it’s not. I was baby sitting my son’s friend and figured two adults to two kids no problem. Yeah no.

As I said my dad means well but doesn’t listen to parenting instructions which really makes for a difficult day.

I would rather be on my own with two toddler boys then have my dad around at times. I am not trying to sound ungrateful, I am not. But when I ask him to not do something and he disregards that or wakes up little boys I am trying nap or makes so much noise they can’t fall asleep I get a little pissy.

And throwing trying to study for an exam tomorrow. Yeah, today has been stressful.

There were a few tantrums and hysterics from Aaron to. But such is life with him. If I am stressing, he picks up on it.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad Mother’s Day. Eric got my gift card for my favourite make up store and my boy fell asleep in my arms.

I am onto round 2 of Liquid Plumbr for the utility sink and will be happy lady when I see a plumber tomorrow as a sink shouldn’t be back flowing sand and dirt into it.

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