Monday, May 2, 2011

On Goings

In the next 24 hours I have to:

- Study for a quiz for Biology

- Prepare for job interview/test for job with Stats Can

Two big priorities. By myself with a toddler.

This morning I had to have a SLP (speech and language pathologist) meet us at the house.

My plan was nap myself and Aaron, take him back to daycare and study at the library as neither is going on with him at home.

He hasn't napped. Neither have I. Now it's time to take him back to daycare.

On top of studying what has been loaded on me.

-Finding a form to fax for Aaron's Austism Funding Eric was suppose to deal with, which never got done.

-Fax an asset qualification to someone for a government job I've been put in a qualified pool for as I am not sure an email attachment is sufficient. (Due tonight at midnight! Less than 24 hours notice)

I also have to ensure my toddler is happy, attended to, fed nutritious meals and bathed.

And I have to make myself look good for my interview which means more than a jeans, shirt and ponytail.

All on my own.

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