Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"*Bugger off your not getting treats..."

This is what I get to say multiple times per day to Izzy. I love my cat, I really do. But she wants her treats too damn much! Every.single.time. I go into the kitchen she meows her pretty little head off for treats like they're her right as a feline, not a privilege. I swear to god these things are like crack for cats. You shake the bag and she comes running just like in the commercials. I think 2x per day once in the morning and once in the evening is plenty enough, but being the suck that I am it ends up being more like 5. And if you say no to her she only meows louder you think we were torturing her. I am a bit of a softy with this cat. She was abused before we adopted her and I feel bad when I leave when Aaron and I venture to the mainland. (Eric is home with her, but I am her mum.) I swear it's like having 2 babies at times. I think she may need furry feline friend to occupy her as I am her favorite clearly. Heaven forbid if I go back work full time. (Which isn't the plan at the moment, but is subject to change).

On teething and other things...

After 9.5 months, Aaron is finally getting some teeth! I was beginning to think I was going to have to buy him a set of false teeth. His bottom front teeth are coming in. Were also working on a bedtime routine and since I started to write this sentence I have had to stop and soothe Aaron who had a little fall and try to put him to bed. His usual routine is that we put his PJ's on and I either breastfeed him or give him a bottle in his room with the lights dim and he'll either fall asleep on me or getting whiny and I put him in his crib and he will rarely go to sleep he usually has to cry for 10 minutes then I go in and rock him in my arms and sing a bit or rub his head and sing. Right now I do not think he is ready for bed as it's only 7pm but he was rubbing his eyes and I thought why not. I want his bedtime to be 8:00pm eventually... but I am going on his ques. I don't want to let him CIO (cry-it-out) It doesn't feel right to me, but sometimes I have just had it with the messy bedtime routine and frequent night wakings... I would like to gradually cut out the nighttime feedings by waking him up half an hour b4 his usual feed and the eventually just cut them out... but it's hard to do this when things like life get int he way. I am a get up and go with the flow kinda gal but this will have to change as a bedtime routine will need to become solid. Arg.

There's so much I want to write about, but responsibility demands my time school work awaits me. Medical Terminology is intense. I don't know how people in the medical profession do it.

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