Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That is the sound that Aaron makes when his head hits the side of his crib. Bumpers are going back in.

I am lazy doing this bullet style today

- I am feel guilty about Aaron getting sick even though there was nothing I could've done for his dehydration. I thought breast feeding would've given him even more of an advantage, but with the diarrhea and vomiting it was inevitable. He had rotavirus which I have never heard of until he got it. The screaming that he had which lead me to take him in to the ER was stomach cramps from the dehydration.

- I have no clue where he got it as we go out a lot. We started going to a play group in the beginning of May and it has done him a world of good and he is comfortable playing without me right there in his line of sight and I can now leave him a at child-minding at the gym without much of a fuss.

- Now that Aaron is on the mend, I am back to my usual sinuses/head cold/allergies bull shit. At the beginning of last week it was almost as bad when I was pregnant which you can read about here I don't what I have to do to deal with it. I wake up dizzy and feeling hungover almost every morning with a constant pressure in my sinuses. Today to deal with it i have: taken 2 different prescription nasal sprays, steamed in the shower, rinsed my sinuses out with a saline solution, taken Aerius and an Advil Cold & Sinus. What can I do to get some relief? This is ridiculous. Eric and I went out for dinner the other night and we had this hot mustard as a side dip with our appie and I could feel it in my nose. I need to get my hand on some of that or some wasabi.

- My dad just left. Thank god he was here while Aaron was sick to help us through this. It's not easy having an island between you and your family with an hour and half ferry ride to see them. Him being here allowed me to rest I am beat. I didn't sleep much while Aaron was in the hospital. I went back as soon as I finished my post the other night. He finally slept for a few hours as I put him in a sleeper instead of his hospital gown. I just left his arm out with the IV in. I got to sleep in this morning after Aaron got up at 830am as my dad got up with him. ( I was up with him 3X last night)

- I AM GOING TO VEGAS IN AUGUST! Eric and I need a much needed vacation together. Vegas is cheap and there's lots to d! Were going to drive Aaron up to Alberta and have Eric's parents watch Aaron as they don't get to see him except for a few times a year and we'll fly out from Calgary.

Going to lose myself in Breaking Dawn until Aaron wakes up from is nap

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Kristine said...

We went through that with Kiel in January. It was horrible seeing him the hospital like that. I hope Aaron heals quickly! It took Kiel a good month before he was really back to normal.