Friday, June 19, 2009

Mothering 101

My boy is sick. Anything that has to do with me gets put on the back burner.

It started yesterday in the car. He fell asleep in his car seat and pukes all over himself waking himself up. We pulled over and cleaned him up. He puked again while I was applying for a job, and Eric cleaned him up he was now down to nothing but a diaper. We dropped Eric back off at work, he pukes 2 minutes out from home. Home, bath, nap, strip car seat cover off(I love love love my car seat!!! The cover snaps off so easily!), wash car seat cover and pukey clothes.

Aaron threw up a few more times last night and finally held down some soy formula (as per the Dr.'s instructions) and some breast milk. At 1am he drank nothing but me and then puked it up all over me. It's been a long time since he puke on me. (I never thought I'd be using receiving blankets for him again; was I ever wrong.) He's been sleeping lots and he got the shits this morning poor baby. He has a little fever but is playing alternating with being miserable. He is breast feeding and drinking a few sips of fluids now and then. No puking since 1am. Fingers crossed. He ate 2 or 3 pieces of bananas for lunch and that's about it. I hope he feels better soon. Lots of cuddles going on here from mommy, daddy and grandpa. All of his bedding had to be washed today along with his *crib bumpers, mattress and crib. The water proof pad didn't do it job as it doesn't go to the very edge of his bed and he he likes to sleep in the corners. He has had bath and his hair still smells like vomit and baby shampoo. It's an interesting combo.

*We didn't start using crib bumpers until Aaron was about 10 months I never intended to use them but he would wake himself up constantly by bumping his head into the bars and after a few nights of this we broke them out. Problem solved.

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