Monday, June 20, 2011

Crap I Am Dealing With But Shouldn't

I  have been busy beyond belief! Working full time and going to school part time will do that to you.

-Refilling perscriptions for Aaron because people have been over dosing him!

-Crabby people at work

-WHEN Eric will be leaving. We have an idea as to where but NOTHING has been confirmed. Families and sailors usually have months if not a YEAR notice for long deployments. We have a tentative date which keeps changing, which is messing up my plan because I can't plan anything!. 

- A nagging cold/wheezing phlegmy cough that will NOT go away.

- Insecurities at work. (I know one is to not blog about work, the job I do is easy the people not so much.)

- Vancouver rioters - I am ashamed of my city and the assholes that premeditated to riot.

That is all.

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