Saturday, April 24, 2010


That's what it is to re-organize a toddler’s room. I've been meaning to organize Aaron’s toys for a while. I bought some clear plastic storage bins with drawers for his toys and organized them into hot-wheels, larger vehicles, Duplo, Mega blocks, animals & little people, noisy toys and a random blocks & balls that don't have a home. And I am not even that organized of a person to say the least. I am trying to change this; one room at a time.

Yesterday afternoon took the time to do this. I had a waste of time job interview was PO'd and PMSing and went to town on Aaron's drawers clearing out his clothes that he has out grown, bagged them ready for storage or donation. Then I organized his toys, and re-arranged his room. The current set up isn't functional. We have a huge rocking chair in there which Eric thinks it needs to go, but I use every night when he wakes up to give him a bottle should he need it or just a cuddle. One thing that drives me nuts about Aaron’s room aside from being too small is that there is only ONE ELECTRICAL OUTLET in the entire room. Yes you read right that's how old our house it. (Don't even get me started on only having one electrical outlet in my kitchen.) So we have to work around having access to said outlet. Last night Aaron finally discovered it, which we had hidden ever so cleverly behind his crib which I just pull out to get access too as he has hardwood floors in his room.

Since I've organized his room I am hell bent on painting it as I am tired of the pale green motif which is more suited to an infant. I want it be suited to a little boy. I was full on prepared to do it tomorrow, but Eric pointed out we still haven't gotten word if were moving to Ontario or not so there isn't a point in the next few weeks. So I wait a few more weeks, which is the life of a not quite military wife. Oh Ottawa how I love thee.