Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did You Know...

That stress is related to cold sores?? I didn't but it all makes sense with Eric's departure this past week. I felt them coming on at the corners of my mouth this week. Usually I pop some Carmex on them and it stops them. Unfortunately, I was out of Carmex and they festered into cold sores. I am lucky they are not
big and unsightly and only I realize that they are there. But they hurt.

Naturally I googled "remedies for cold sores" and happened upon this sight. Some of the suggestions are out there. I have tried rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover to dry the suckers out. I do not recommend this. One of the commenter's went so far as to suggest ear wax as a home remedy. I wonder why someone would to try that...

I am now considering picking up some tea tree oil or witch hazel. TTO is good for just about anything so I might as well get some. I still have tea bags to try. I've read that Abreva doesn't work as well as some home remedies.

If only I had not lost my damn Carmex. And so you know, I use a Q-Tip when apply the rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover. I am not double dipping.

So stress ='s cold sores.


I miss Eric. I am still adjusting to life without him. What I hate and miss the most is when I do the laundry. When I do just when he leaves his stuff is still in it which makes me miss him. Eventually it is only out stuff unless of course it's his t-shirts which I prefer to sleep in.

I hate this. I don't want to get all weepy here. I've been holding myself together pretty well these past few days.

I best be getting back to my laundry and second glass of wine.

Night all.

Oh and in case your wondering,   I did buy the dress. Pics to follow soon.  mailto:


S.I.F. said...

I'm sorry you're missing him so much, and that you're having to deal with cold sores on top of it! Hopefully they heal up really fast!

GreenGirl said...

SO Sorry you are going through this...
In high school I got cold sores from was terrible...I had to see a dermatologist and everything. I ended up getting some great cream though.
But was told to relax as that is the only way to get rid of them. It is wild how stress REALLY effects your life...
Feel better soon!
You should come here and join the "hospital" that is my house now with Sterling and all of her drugs, etc...!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you'd buy the dress....It's called a "haunt". Once something you see haunts gotta get it. As for cold sores....I get them inside my mouth. It is ALL about stress.

SFD said...

I'm sorry things are so rough right now. Hopefully you'll find some solace in that dress. ;)