Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Go To A Daycare

This is the words that have been coming out of my beloved son's mouth for the last few weeks. Last Friday I switched his daycare mid day without nary a thought.

Never, have I ever been so cavalier about his childcare in my life.

He only had 2 weeks left at his old daycare, but I was fed up and made the switch. They're had been many changes at his daycare in the past 2 weeks. In 1 - 2 weeks 3 of his favourite teachers left, transferred or had quit.

The straw the broke the camels back was when I walked in and some staff member was covering from another location. I had never seen her or talked to her in my son's life. There wasn't one staff member there to greet us that I knew.

They let his would be support worker go without notice. A day before she was to start with him. This didn't sit well with me.

A few of the staff that know loved him went to a new daycare centre. We went, we liked and we enrolled 3 days later.

He's been there a day and half and I notice a difference in him. He is happy, he is interacting with the other children and I have never seen him do that at his old daycare. The children aren't high strung and I don't hear curse words coming out of his mouth.

 I knew this was the right choice when I picked him up on his final day and as I was putting him in his car seat and my three year old with limited verbal skills said "Damn it" with a smile on his face. Not knowing what it means.

He said when he woke up today "No go to a daycare" as he has every day for the last 2 weeks.

When I dropped him off this morning he happily said "back to a preschool."

Preschool is what we call new daycare as he will be attending preschool there.

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S.I.F. said...

It makes me cringe to think a daycare would make that many staff changes without communicating with the parents! Sounds like you made the right choice, and I'm glad to know he's doing well at and enjoying where he's at now!