Monday, September 5, 2011

Did You Know

* That quinoa has 160 calaries per 1/4 of a cup?! I got me some and whipped it up and started to eat it and then read the box. I thought it was suppose to be some kind of super food? That means if I had one cup of quinoa for breakfast that I have had 640 calories! I don't count calories or anything like that but jeez that seems like a lot of food in one sitting considering I think an average person should be eating somewhere from 1500-2000 calories a day.

* That I hate typing on lap tops but here I am writing a post from one.

* I have not time for such things as blogging being a full time working single mom? I don't know how real single moms do it. I don't hats off to you guys.

* It has been 8 weeks since Eric left.

* In 25 days time I will be a stay at home mom again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My contract at work wasn't renewed do to budget cuts. I am okay with this as this allows me to be at home with Aaron. I gave notice to his daycare and I will be putting him in pre school some in October or November.

*Come Oct 1 we're in that car on our way to the Mainland and beyond. We will be going on a road trip to Calgary for sure we may even go as far as Winnipeg. My BFF and his wife moved there and I want to see them and the city. I've family there I've never met. It's where my paternal grandparents met and I want to see the city and where they grew up

* I'll be getting a new tattoo soon, but I won't be able to post it in the blog as it is Aaron's name (real name) I will be getting it on my the lower left side of my stomach. I still can't venture to somewhere that isn't easily hidden for professional reasons. It's my view of myself. I don't care if others put tattoos in placed not easily covered up.

* I regret not buying a long range water gun when I saw them on sale at the beginning of the summer as there is a cat that thinks he owns the neighbourhood and gets into a fight with my cat almost nightly. Chasing him with a broom hasn't gotten the message across that he just isn't welcome in our yard.

* Some days I feel I don't have a handle on parenting an autistic child when something so little as cracking an egg into a bowel while baking Aaron would set him off for 2 days. Yesterday I did so, and he screamed "no put egg in" and promptly burst into tears. Today he is still saying "no put egg in""at random. I guess I didn't prepare him for it.

* We skipped a fair we were going to go today as I just wasn't up to him freaking out over the littlest things. I have a throbbing sinus infection and the pressure is so bad that feeling like I want to throw up all the time isn\t a good combo with Aaron having meltdowns. I was feeling at the end of my rope so I asked a friend to watch him for a couple of hours. It did us both good and allowed me to go shopping.

* I bought some boots I shouldn't have but, I love love love them and have been looking for a pair like this since last year.

I also bought Aaron 6 long sleeve t-shirts, 2 hoodies and 4 pairs of socks at Old Navy. I did some retail therapy today.

The stripped shirt is pour moi.

* If I could divorce my sinuses, I would.


SFD said...

I never thought about a long range water gun... I've always just grabbed the backyard hose for our cat issue.

Siera said...

With a water gun, I don't have to leave the house and attract the cat's attention by leaving the house. He sit's dead center in our path in the front and the back as if he owns the place. He needs to be put in his place if he insists on attacking my 7 pound cat on a nightly basis.

S.I.F. said...

Oh WHY would you ever tell me that about quinoa?!? I am definitely loving those boots though!

Cass Still Curious said...

Don't regret those boots they are fierce. And on to the quinoa - that's actually the data for uncooked - this is for cooked (because it basically quadruples in volume).
I cook 1 cup dry for the whole week for breakfasts some weeks and it's PLENTY - it's weird how filling it is.