Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Baaacccck

I didn't get any good blogging time in whilst on my trip. A trip that was suppose to take me to Winnipeg but unfortunately only tool me as far as Calgary.

A certain job had me come back early. A job I was told that would be starting tomorrow. So I scaled my trip back a week. When I was heading to the ferry on Friday, I got a call confirming my start date of Oct. 24th. Of course I asked the recruiter "What the hell?" How did this happen?

Ugh. I was half way there with Aaron and the cat in tow. But I turned around and stuck around Vancouver for the weekend.

Aaron and I came home today. I am kind of stoked to play stay-at-home-mom for the week before working full-time for two weeks. After my training, I work 2 days per week. This suits me fine.

As for the MIL and I, things aren't too bad. Were polite with each other and I stayed two nights at the in-laws. I didn't care to over stay my welcome and they got lots of time in with Aaron.

I really want to blog, but I am so freaking tired I just want to go to bed before 10pm for once.

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S.I.F. said...

Glad things with the MIL weren't too bad. Hope you and Aaron have a good week to come!