Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where I've been

Aaron and I went to Vancouver last Friday for 4 nights. It was hot! 30 degrees Celsius was average. I do not like the heat normally, but I was loving it. I actually went for the heat. We did a tour of the water parks. And I must say that is the best way to beat the heat is to follow your toddler through the water park.

I am very disappointed int he water parks in the Victoria area after being in the mainland. I 've yet to find one that even compares to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. if I could rate it, I'd give is 4 stars. We also went to Hume Park in New Westminster, and Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Bear Creek isn't as good as I remember it as a child as it has been redone. I don't like water parks that do not have a pooling of water or little tiny rivers. Another thing I dislike about Victoria is that there are NO OUTDOOR POOLS or Kiddie pools. WTF? I know this town is slow and full of old people, but come on. The only one that does exist is at the university, which is not city run... I will have to check it out. But I am greatly disappointed, I was spoiled growing up in Greater Vancouver.

Also while there, I did the Grouse Grind. That is a trek OMG. It took me an hour and half to climb 2.9 km straight up a mountain. I took my sweet time and took many breaks. I feel better about it than when I did it when I was 17 as I huffed and puffed all the way up. My fitness level has improved greatly in 10 years. You're average bear can do it in under an hour, which I hope to do next time. I think if I had done it on a sound nights sleep and a high energy breakfast it would've gone better. I only had 2.5 hours of sleep that night and was up with Aaron at the crack of dawn.

This week we've been hanging around the house not doing much. And I am going to go do more of the same. Aaron in running a fever of 39 C. But has no other symptoms of being sick. We took him to the doctor's last night. I chalk it up to teething. I've been told by medical professionals that teething can't cause a fever, to which I saw BULLSHIT.

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Thanks for stopping by my place :) It's nice to see a fellow Canadian.

Oh and I LOVE BC...what a nice place to live.