Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did I Over React or Do I Have a Right To Be Pissed?

I wrote this diddy up over in my communtiy at Blog Frog. I normally don't seek relationship advice but it's about a difference of opinions with Eric. I'd love input as I really don't know if I am in the right or wrong.

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GreenGirl said...

totally not being unreasonable. I understand that you want to spend some QT with your husband. Perhaps plan something fun that starts at 5? The good news is that it is for a month, so not crazy crazy long. The guys that I know that are being deployed are out for over a year. I am certain it is an emotional time compounded with the fact that you are me...I dog is even getting sick of me at this point. I usually get the furthest with speaking calmly and rationally and doing a lot of "this is how I feel" and avoid the whole pointing of fingers and name calling. It's all about raw communication in my book. I am certain that it's not only your son that he will be missing either!! It's gotta be rough for him too! Will be thinking of you guys!