Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Hate Jon and Kate

Since this this a day of ranting, I might as well get this one off my chest too. I find Jon & Kate annoying. It's not their kids or the fact that they have a large family or even that they have their own reality TV show... It's them as a couple. I hate how Kate always finishes Jon's sentences for him or cuts him off. I do not make it a point to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 and I hate it when TLC runs a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon. I despise this. I love TLC, I love most of their programs but not this one. I like 18 Kids and Counting. I find the Duggars views refreshing and wholesome. I was raised in a Christian home and I share a lot of their views. I am not as conservative as them nor do I live life as a perfect Christian (far from it) but I like their show.

I am sick of seeing Jon & Kate on the cover of every tabloid, hearing about them on the radio and seeing them on every entertainment news show. I've never cared for them, and do so even less now. I'd like them left to their reality show and not have to see them everywhere I go.

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