Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calling all Mom's.

It's gone it's gone it's GONE! - Aaron's ear infection that is. The poor guy had an ear infection for a month! He was on 3 different types of anti-biotics. He's got an appointment with and ENT in a few weeks. He may need tubes in his ears. Although I', not crazy about this, it may need to be done. I am going to look into a more holistic approach before I let anyone put tubes in his ears. One mom at a playgroup we went to suggested that I dry his ear out with a hair dryer after his baths... I can see that going over well with him! He has a fear of dryers. Maybe if I out it on low and make a game of it it can work. Any advice out there for the ear infections???

In other news Eric has been gone for the last week. He won't be back for another 2 weeks. It has been just Aaron and I and I kinda like it. I miss Eric, but we get to do more as we have the car. Hence the playgroup we've been to 2X in the last week. It's only a few blocks away and I know that i can walk but 9am is early for me if Aaron had a rough night. I still catch a nap when he does sometimes. Yesterday was long. I was up at 6am as I had a test to write for a job so I had to have Aaron up at 6:30 and drop him off at my friends. He did well and didn't cry once. being up so early sure makes me see my day in a different light. By 4:30 I was done.

Aaron was/is rather cranky today... I think he is cutting a tooth. He is also so close to walking... it's only a matter of when. Well I think that I am going to catch a snooze while he's down even though I have 4 loads of laundry to fold and put away and a bathroom to clean... it can wait.

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