Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Break Up

We all know that breaking up is hard to do. I finally did it. After talking about it forever I finally did it and it feels SO FREAKING GOOD. I finally got the nerve (and finding someone better helped me in my decison too) I broke up with my mobile phone carrier! It was a 3 year exclusive relationship the began back in 2004. You see I am loyal. I worked for said mobile company in the past for 3 years and in return I got a free phone. When I was no longer able to work them due to geographical restrictions I entered into an exclusive relationship with them. For 3 years, Which was 2 years too long.

As of last month, my obligation to them has ended. I’ve tried to make things work with them but they couldn’t woo me any longer. Although my plan was kick ass, they couldn’t match what the new guy can. I don’t mind revealing my new carrier to y'all as I have no bad feelings towards them. I won’t reveal the ex as I wouldn’t want to cloud anyone who is considering them as their wireless provider and everyone deserves a chance right? I will say it’s one of the big 3 wireless providers in the country, but that is all I will reveal.

For my American counter parts reading the wireless industry in Canada is atrocious compared to you. Sadly, our rates will never be as good as yours. Demographics play a key role as we have the population of California with just as much of an area to cover with cell towers so we get charged for things like voicemail and call display. But one can hope with the new guy things will change. And if something better comes along, I don’t have a contract and am free to leave. I feel liberated!

I feel like Tom Cruise feels in Jerry McGuire after he "signs" Cush and is driving his rental down the freeway.


S.I.F. said...

Cell phone issues can be such a hassle! I love that my work pays for my cell now, because I never have to worry about dealing with the contracts or any of that other nonsense.

Way to go for building up the nerve lady!

SciFi Dad said...

We looked at Koodoo, but their plans didn't match our needs at the time.

Glad you found something that works for you.