Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Letter to Donor Nurse

This an email I have written to Donor Nurse. I am not sure if it's appropriate that I send it. Thoughts?

Hello Donor Nurse:

I want to take a moment to write to you about the AFC test. To my understanding the reason why I went off the pill was to get an accurate AFC at mine and Liz's request. I did my research through your clinic and and another RE and the answer I came to the best time to get an accurate AFC was the beginning of my cycle after getting a period on my own sometime between days 2-4 to 3-8. When you and I had talked you had made an appointment to get an AFC done as I would happen to be in Vancouver. I told you at the time that I come over here often for personal reasons and could accommodate Fertility Centre on my cycle. You said on the phone that I could always get another one if happened to be in town and the timing was right. I am in Vancouver of my own accord and I have my period.

I feel let down and disappointed by Fertility Centre as I feel that I got false information. This would've suited me better to have an AFC now than then. Had I known I would've been denied an AFC when the proper time came around, I never would've gone off the pill until closer to our cycle. Liz and I have been honest and communicate things to yourself and Fertility Centre Had we not had to wait on my partners blood work, this cycle could've been done and we would've been on our way.

I feel Dr. RE deciding on my drug dosage based on an AFC done at a time when my body didn't have the time produce follicles on its own without being on the pill for a month is what is not in my best interest as a patient. For all we know I may need a lower dosage which is less stress on my body and a lower cost to Liz and Mike.


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S.I.F. said...

Honestly? I had all my folicle counts in the middle of my cycle. Never once for my donations or IVF did I have it before. They've always adjusted my meds based on what was found then (during the cycle), but it's never been something that was done beforehand. So... Maybe I can't comment because I'm not sure why it matters when they do it at all?

Canada must do things differently! :)