Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Counting & Donating

I wanted to touch my counting with Aaron. In no way do I expect it or push him. One day out of desperation I started counting to 10 on my fingers as I was changing his diaper as he fights me so much during diaper changes. When I got to 10 I'd tickle him and count back to one and tickle him again. It's all fun and games to him. Children learn through repetition and he is mimicking my words by saying "eight" and "ten." It also may be due to him having a friend named Aidan. "Eight" and "ten" sound like Aidan. I have no idea if he has the concept of counting, but it makes diaper changing all the more fun.

I went today to get my blood work for Fertility Clinic. Apparently I am to get over 10 viles. WTF? I thought I signed up to be an egg donor, not a blood donor. The girl told me to come back tomorrow as one needed to be done in the morning and their was no way in hell I was getting my blood drawn before dinner. I know how dizzy I'd feel after 10 viles, and their is no way in hell I'd want to deal with Aaron if it was anything like getting my nose pierced. I'll have a friend watch him so I can get my head about me before I get it done. I plan on having a big breakfast tomorrow.


SciFi Dad said...

I'm guessing the counting thing was directed at me; I'm sorry if I came across as judging or whatever. That wasn't my intention.

I am by no means an expert, but kids develop speech at their own rates. Hell, we compared my daughter at 20 months to my son at two and realized that he wasn't where she was in terms of vocabulary or pronunciation.

From what little you've shared about Aaron, I agree with your assessment; there's WAY more to identification than language: stuff like behaviour (such as inability to make eye contact or extreme difficulty with change) plays a huge part in it.

S.I.F. said...

Yeah, the bloodwork and testing to be a donor is pretty intense. I definitely remember all that craziness. It will be worth it though! You are doing a great thing!