Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Aaron and Things...

I feel the need to blog and feel that I should give some more updates seeing I haven’t been very consistent on the blogging front. As Eric just got home and we have bene having a lot of family time I don’t want my blogging to take away from that.

Aaron is making progress daily in his speech. He’s coming right along which is encouraging. He may not be where he should be for 2.5 years of age, but I am not going to dwell on this. I am celebrating what he can do. He can say “thank-you” in the right context. He just doesn’t use it with me, just other adults he’s familiar with. Whenever someone tells me he says “thank-you” be it a friend or a daycare teacher or Sunday school teacher, my heart swells with pride followed by thought the OMG I must be doing something right as a parent!

Aarons’ primary way to communicate with me and other adults he is familiar with is to point and say in a cave man guttural tone “Uh.” It’s really annoying but that’s his way communicating. I hate it when he does this but it isn’t surprising as I did it as a toddler. Instead of meeting his demands and stop and make him say “please.” Sometimes he will say “say” and I have to repeat “please” but when prompted he will say something other than “uh.”

I also say thank-you in the right context so it’s sinking in. It sounds silly, but repetition is key. His first word was “cat” which was soon lost on and replaced with “hot.” For the longest time all he would say was “hot” to himself at random times. It became his word as I always stressed “hot” whenever he was around the stove. So far he has yet to burn himself. I’ve caught him placing pots on the stove when it’s off and I yelled at him good for that and it scared him.

Last week he figured out how to push the glass up from underneath the table in our kitchen table. He got yelled at good and a time-out for that. He did it again a few hours when I was cooking dinner (our table in our kitchen) and I stopped what I was doing and I gave him on spank on his bum. I realize there will be parents who don’t spank their kids going in an uproar over this, but I felt I needed to make a point over as it’s a dangerous situation. His spanking was followed by a time out and he has since to do it.

I was ready to dismantle the table and put in the basement that night. I called a friend in frenzy and she suggested glass adhesive which I bought the next day. I was prepared to go without a table or to buy a new (used) one until the time passed where he wouldn’t do it. So far we haven’t had to buy one nor use the glass adhesive but I think we will.

I am at the point in my parenthood journey that I can see a light at the end of the toddler tunnel. I realize that this doesn’t sound all rosy and peachy, but I am a freaking pessimist! I had no idea what I signed on for when I decided to become a parent. Neither of us did. And without family support in the same city things can be tough. I am not someone who knows how to or is super good with small children. I do my best. I realize that right now adding to my family isn’t the wisest decision for my family.

Lately, I’ve been having pangs and yearnings of babyhood. I miss breastfeeding. I can’t believe I wrote that, but I really do. I am getting excited for Liz as we go through the journey for her to add to her family. This doesn’t not mean I will for the record try to get pregnant nor would it be a welcome surprised if I were to find myself in that boat. Eric and I are looking forward to the time in the near future when Aaron will listen to us and behave somewhat in public. We long to take a family vacation together.

I don’t think I could be a good mom to a preschooler and a baby seeing how stressed out I was just with one baby. I do see how some things would be easier the second time around but I am not up to it mentally or physically.

While I am off the pill I’ve gotten myself a diaphragm. It’s a very old school method of contraception, but I really don’t mind it so far. I use in conjunction with spermicide and coitus interuptus. (Yes, that is the pull out method.)

As soon as I get my next period and get my FSH day 3 (of my period) blood test I am going back on the pill until we start our cycle because I am most comfortable on the pill for preventing pregnancy. I am glad I have the diaphragm as a back-up considering what I had to go through to get thing as you can no longer get an Rx for one in Canada or at least BC for that matter.

I had to call a pharmacy in the States to see if they would honor an Canadian prescription, get fitted for one by my doctor, have the Rx faxed in and then pick it up 2 days later when the diaphragm came special ordered from the pharmacy’s supplier. It wasn’t a big deal as I frequently cross the border to shop when I am over in Vancouver visiting. But to most people they wouldn’t bother with do to the hassle.

But I am not liked most people, if I want something and it’s attainable, I will find a way to get it or make it happen.

I have no idea how this has gone from a post on Aaron to my method of contraception so I will take this a queue to fetch Aaron from his crib because clearly he isn’t napping today.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your parenting instincts are spot on. And a nice firm swat on the tush is a good way to get a toddler's attention. Don't stress on that. Carry on....

S.I.F. said...

Hey, rejoicing in those milestones he does have really is an incredible thing to be able to do!! Getting out those "thank you's" even when you aren't around is huge! :)