Monday, December 6, 2010

This and That

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with my son. Sometimes I think he is a normal child than others somethings just aren't right.

His assessment can't come soon enough. I've been told there is a 3 month wait. He was referred in October that puts us into January. I haven't blogged about it, as there is nothing to say. Or at least there wasn't.

The staff at his daycare commented that he shows certain signs of autism. He rocks and he is repetitive. My dad does both of these things. A family friend of ours son has Aspergers and she mentioned some of the parallels in Aspergers and my dad. He is looking at getting an assessment. It would explain a lot.

The not picking up on social queues, the repetitiveness in his speech, the rocking. Going on with long monologues talking about stuff that has little interest of anyone but himself.

Autism is carried through male genes. Grandpa and Aaron have similarities... It's beginning to make more and more sense.

Being an egg donor and autism do not go hand in hand. I don't know this for a fact, but I don't think it's ethical. I assume fertility clinics won't accept candidates who are carriers or have family members who have it.

When I saw the Dr. at the clinic here last week, I asked him if my FSH levels could be an indicator if I may have fertility issues down the road and he says it's hard to say. He's seen donors with my levels go on to conceive no problem. A second child right now isn't in the picture. But I am open to the possibility a few years down the road. Or not. I am undecided.

I was instructed to get a second FSH test and and another antral follicle count. I had my day 3 FSH test today and I have an AFC on Wednesday. I am interested to know the results, but at the same time I don't really care.

I am more concerned with getting Aaron assessed so if he has some form of autism be it high functioning autism or Aspergers we can start getting him the help he needs now so he can have a happy and normal childhood and hopefully not have social issues.

That's what been floating around here. And the job search continues.

I did make a quick overnight trip to Vancouver to see Tara on the weekend. I got a call with her in tears and went to cheer her up and to help her see the light about TM. I think she may be coming to her senses. One thing that got me was when I said to her "I am not going to kick you when your down" and commented that TM would. Who does that? Another friend of hers and I spent some quality time with her. She has some big decisions to make in the near future.


SciFi Dad said...

Just curious... when does Aaron rock? Is it like all the time, or just when specific stuff is happening? (I ask because my son rocks when he's trying to fall asleep in bed, or if he's really tired while watching tv.)

As for the repeating thing, don't all kids do that?

(I'm not trying to say he does or doesn't have Autism; I'm just asking.)

Siera said...

Aaron rocks at random times mainly when he is standing he will rock from side to side shifting his wait back and forth from each foot. He will do it when he is eating standing up or watching TV, or playing in general. My dad does this. I've been told it's a stress reliever.

As for the repeating, his vocab is limited. Not his comprehension. He's learned the clean up song and will say "clean up, clean up" ver and over never learning the rest of the song.Or he will say "bus" or "big bus" at random times when there is no bus in sight. He loves buses. When he was younger he did this with the word "hot" as I used to stress hot every time we were around the stove. Same thing with bus, he started saying what I though was bus so I stressed it and he says it all the time.

S.I.F. said...

OK friend, you know how I feel about egg donation. It's such an amazing thing to do and I will NEVER regret my time donating my eggs. But - if there is even a possibility that your fertility could be diminished, you really need to re-think donating at all. The drugs involved and the excessive eggs taken truly could speed up any fertility issues.

What you want to do is admirable, but sometimes you have to look out for yourself too friend. Take care of you. Please.

Siera said...
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Siera said...

@SIF I just had my AFC this morning and after off the pill for 3 months I had 3 follicles. One on one ovary and two on the other. My FSH was 9.9 which means the drugs would be costly and I might only get 3-4 eggs so at this time I don't think I'll be proceeding as I am not a good candidate.

S.I.F. said...

I'm sorry lady... I know you're disappointed, but you really do need to take care of you on this one. I'm kind of relieved you're not donating. :|