Monday, January 3, 2011

No Recap

I am not going to do a 2010 recap or Christmas post for that matter. I neglect my blog A LOT. I know I am a terrible blogger.

I feel like ass. I am sure I am a cold/flu is coming on and I have pretty bad case of candida. I am achy. I popped my Advil Cold & Sinus and even that didn't perk me up. I think I belong in bed with some Canesten.

There is much that I want to blog about. But not getting sicker and preparing for the first appointment of three for Aaron's Autism assessment this week is high on my list of priorities. As is applying for work. And preparing for an aptitude test for a coveted job competition with the provincial government.

I must be brushing up on my long division and vocabulary.

I haven't really made any New Years Resoltions unless you count not going into 2011 or anything for that matter with expectations. As my expectations haven't been met recently, so if I have none, I can't get let down. It's how I went into NYE  and it worked well for me. So far, so good. But we are only 3 days in.

I wish you all a happy 2011.

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S.I.F. said...

Hope you don't end up getting too sick lady! Thinking of you...