Friday, January 21, 2011

When He is Away

*This is not a paid add by Drano. I just reference it a lot.*

I should be doing the dishes right now. I had actually planned on doing them after Aaron went to bed. I loathe doing dishes. But I can’t. So I am blogging. Eric is away for work and I wanted to get ahead of myself and keep the house in some sort of order instead of letting it fall into a its usual state if chaos when Eric is a way.

I planned on doing the larger dishes, but alas I can’t. I don’t why this shit always goes down when Eric is away usually on the first day too. My freaking kitchen sink is clogged. It isn’t anything I haven’t dealt with before and I am all pro. I was just about the get the Drano but the damn sink wasn’t draining.

(I am used to unclogging the kitchen sink as Eric is in the habit or rinsing dishes containing high fat content without running hot water or rinsing dishes that should be scrapped into the garbage. I think this house keeps Drano and Liquid Plumber in business.)

So instead of busting out the Drano I busted out a metal coat hanger. While trying to unclog the sink 3 or 4 little straws floated up to the surface. (The ones for Aaron’s Rubbermaid drink containers) I thought I’d found the culprit. But the drain is still clogged. My hope is that it will drain over night and I can administer a shot of Drano in the a.m.

Our house is falling apart. In our entire time in the condo we didn’t own a plunger. (We didn’t need to.) My shower knob is stripped so I can’t pull the lever out to have a shower unless I use pliers which will most likely become a permanent fixture in our bathroom until our land lady sends someone to look at it. This just happened yesterday and I’ve yet to call her. NOTE TO SELF: CALL LAND LADY FIRST THING IN THE A.M.

I don’t know why it is, but the random shit happens around the house whenever Eric is gone. The first time Eric sailed Aaron’s crib bar became detached as soon as he had left and I had a tired crying toddler to deal with. There was no going back to sleep once that was dealt with.

Or the time the toilet was clogged I had to hire a plumber to auger the toilet as I hadn’t augered it vigorously enough. I paid him $80 to the same thing I did. An auger has a permanent spot in out bathroom closet behind the kitty litter.

Or the time I came home from Vancouver and my fridge had become unplugged for a few weeks.

Yup. This shit always happens when Eric is away. Why I don’t know. Maybe it’s something or someone telling me I can handle the things life throws at me. The joys of being a military wife. I am quite handy around the house when I have to be. Eric deals with the technical and handy stuff around when he is here. But if he isn’t I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves. Being raised my dad who is the most technically illiterate person I’ve ever met in my life was good training for being a military wife.

Just the other day, I was at his house and his PC wasn’t working. He started to freak out and I take a look, and all that had happened was the cable from his monitor to his tower had become unplugged. He is too lazy to do basic troubleshooting before assuming the worse.

A post of ramblings this is really.

An update on the old clog. The sink has drained and I’ve administered Drano. I think this is a job for Drano Max Gel. I’ve got only regular Drano. Hopefully I’ll be able to wash some dishes soon.


Maundering mutterer said...

Oh no! We don't even have that product in South Africa! What will I do when my drain gets blocked? Senses impending doom.

Anyway, much amused. Peeped at your previous post, and there I am! Hello me! Fun story from you!

S.I.F. said...

I don't do well with clogged drains at all lady! Sorry you're having to deal with that!