Friday, June 4, 2010

Did You Know....

Aaron, the cat and I are over at my dad's this week. We'll be staying for a week or so. This trip was planned prior to things going down with Eric and I. I've been immersing myself in activities with my girls and taking advantage of the free baby sitting. I just gotta say it feels great! Tonight we went to the mall and grabbed a bite to eat. Tomorrow we may or may not be hitting a gay night club.

Two of my girls are with the times and have iPhones. As much as I have been resisting the iPhone part of me wants one now based on one app alone. Did you know there is an app for your PERIOD? (Sorry guys) I was blown away as my friend showed me how you put in your date, and it will tell you when you should bleed and for how long, your most fertile days and when you ovulate. It even has a spot to put in if you have been intimate. Which is a great feature for the women on Maury who don't know who their baby daddy is.

I can see it know. Tawanda will be telling her story to Maury and she will say ``But my iPhone said I was ovulating on X date so I just know that Tyrell is the father and not Joey`` And then when the the results are in and Maury looks at Joey ans says `When it comes to the paternity of Baby X, Joey YOU ARE THE FATHER!` Tawanda will go screaming off the stage in tears `But my iPhone said....`

I assume the maker of the app has a disclaimer otherwise I can see them getting sued.

I gotta get me one of them iPhones. Hell even my dad got one. I may be taking over his contract and he may be taking over my cell as he is technically illiterate and him and the iPhone don`t jive to well. Then I will know who my next baby daddy is.


S.I.F. said...

Your interpretation of that app just had me peeing myself! Hysterical lady!!

I am so sorry you and Eric are having so many problems. That just sucks lady... I really hope things start to look up.

SciFi Dad said...

That is just one of the apps available. There are also fart trackers, so you can avoid areas where people have passed gas. No joke.