Friday, June 11, 2010

Horticulture Anyone?

Who needs a gym membership or to go to hot yoga when you have a toddler to chase after or a big backyard to mow? Aaron was looking out my bedroom window and I was getting after him to not pull our curtains towels down which is ghetto but it’s in the back of the house so no one sees them but us. (When we first moved into our old place we spent $100’s of dollars on window treatments only to move 10 months later and not have them fit) My neighbour asked if he wanted to go play in her backyard with her kids.

I gladly accepted. It was a good opportunity to mow the entire back yard and front yard. And did I sweat. I am not talking about a few inches of grass but at least half a foot. Mowing the lawn is typically Eric’s job, but seeing how he is not here, it falls on me.

I didn’t stop at mowing the lawn; I broke out the hedge clippers and went to town on my front yard. My ward looked like a jungle before I went to town. Now it just looks unkept.

We are renters and our house is a POS, but in a good neighbourhood. Our land lady has let the place go, and there haven’t been any upgrades to the house since it was built some time in the 1950’s. We live here because the rent is a steal, and it was the first viable option when we needed to get out of our old place lickety split.

Typically, I don’t care about a rental as I would if I owned, but I am sick of the curb appeal or lack there of and I want our place to just fit in with the rest of the houses on our street. So I’ve slowly, been trying to get the place looking decent. I haven’t done yard work in my adolescent or adult life! Clearly, horticulture isn’t not my forte I just snip what looks gangly, I don’t take a few snips then stand back check/admire my work as one does when they decorate a Christmas tree. Which I only started doing this two Christmases ago (What do expect from a girl who was raised by a man?) when Eric pointed out that I decorated the tree in clumps and I needed to stand back and check my decorating as his mom taught him. Who knew Christmas trees didn’t just come out looking good when so much thought and care was put into the decorations?

I don’t know the point of this post, but my toddler is in bed which means I can wash away the grim from a day of travelling and yard work and go to bed myself.


S.I.F. said...

I intentionally bought a condo because I knew I wanted nothing to do with a lawn... What a pain lady!

Siera said...

I agree. And I said so much to Eric, but to him having a kid = a yard! Now by condo do you mean townhouse some people depending on the market consider townhouses as condos. My definition of a condo is a better built apartment that you own... As is commom in BC.