Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit of an update on the Aaron and his schedule. Thanks to everyone who commented on my post the other day. I am doing my best to get him on and keep him on a schedule. I realize that I have to give up certain things for myself to do what is best by my son. Yesterday, I declined lunch with a friend as it fell during nap time. Her daughter is only 6 months old so she can flexible. I am going to focus on one thing at a time. My first focus is going to be Aaron’s sleep schedule. I am going to try to have bed time and nap time at the roughly the same time every day. At the moment he wakes up between 7-8am and his nap is between 12-2pm. I shoot for 1pm. yesterday he slept nearly 3 hours! He hasn’t done this in a long time.

For me I am taking the stance that bedtime is bedtime and this is when he is put to bed. If all his needs are met, including extra cuddles, he isn’t allowed out of his crib unless it’s for cuddles with me in the rocking chair. The moment he tries to get off of my lap its back into the crib. Sometimes he needs me to rock and sing to him to calm him but I don’t rock/sing him to sleep.

Our normal bedtime routine is a bath followed by a snack and quiet time in the living room with the lights dimmed and TV off. Sometimes he/we read books other times he does puzzles or plays with his cars. I try to avoid noisy toys and horseplay. I notice his activities through out the day will play a role on his level of energy I try to do something in the morning (usually playgroup) and an afternoon/after dinner activity which is a usually a walk to the park.

At the moment he is fighting his nap. He was ready for a nap at 12:45 but I wanted to him to eat as he didn’t eat a very good breakfast. He ate his lunch of macaroni (organic white cheddar opposed to our usual KD) and grapes. I gotta say my kid loves pasta and grapes!

As for the formula, I am going to do 50/50 mixture of formula and milk, he went for this yesterday and get it to 75/25 and eventually get it to 100% milk. He doesn’t care for milk very much. We drink 1% milk in our family I hope this has enough fat in it for him as he is over two now.


I am stoked! While I was in Vancouver I was able to complete a reading and writing assessment at a college I want to attend. I got my results, and I passed. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but I am above the cut off and don’t need to take an English course. What is so shocking about this, I wrote the test after a few shit nights of sleep sharing a room with Aaron at my dad’s. I nearly bagged off the writing portion of the test as I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I did manage to scarf down an apple strudel, banana an peanut bar in the 10 minutes between tests as the cafeteria happened to be open.

The person who marked my test wrote “Well done” on my essay portion. I wonder what s/he was smoking. I thought it was complete crap! My paragraphs were unorganized, but I must have done something write. I chose to write about how my life was changed by technology. (Hello! This was up my alley) I did 3 sub topics car, computer/internet and cell phone. I guess longer was better in my case as I rambled IMO.

I want to take a Unit Clerk course and it may work out to take in Vancouver next year if we can time it while Eric is deployed. I am still not sure where we will be as a couple in coming weeks or months. But I am still planning for my future.

I want to go back to school and am in the process of trying to upgrade for nursing. The Unit Clerk program is 8 months and is filler, something to fall back on. Apparently there is a hiring freeze at the moment so I really will think if I take the course.

Once I upgrade I want to get into nursing. I am trying to do Biology 12 online which is proving to be hard as Aaron isn’t on a schedule and by the time he is sleeping/napping I need to sleep/nap/clean myself. To any young person that may be reading this, let this be a lesson to you. Don’t chat your ass off to your BFF’s in high school when you get the chance to learn, USE IT. I regret this dearly. You’ll regret it later. (If only I could drill this into my 15-year-old nieces head)

So we will see where my professional life/school life goes in the next dew months. I need to bang off biology, math and chem to upgrade for Nursing. God help me!

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S.I.F. said...

I think it sounds like you are off to a really good start with the schedule lady! Keep it up, you will get there!