Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Anonymous

I am self proclaimed Grey's Anatomy junkie. Before having Aaron I would eat, breathe sleep with this show. And yes, I defiantly jumped on the McDreamey band wagon. Patrick Dempsey is hot what can I say? I would never miss an episode and in my single days (childless days) it wouldn't be uncommon for me to fall asleep watching Grey's Anatomy on DVD. In season 4 I started to get a little annoyed with the direction the writing took and needless to say the writers strike. Which is still fresh in my mind; as I am sure it is with many people. This forced me to watch reality TV regularly which I do not do! I really am not a fan of reality TV. I do not know the what happened on the latest episode of Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor/The Bacherlorette/ Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Dance(Canada) etc. They’re 2 exceptions American Idol and ANTM; which I will watch if I remember to. The only shows I watch are Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice being that it is a spin off of Grey's.

When ABC wrote Isaiah Washington out of Grey's I was none to pleased. I liked his character and his acting. I think it took away from the story line from season 4. I understand why (at least I think I do) ABC wrote him out of the show. I do not not believe that he was let go because he called T.R. Knight a fag (even though he denied it on Larry King I still think he did) but because of the animosity that it created among fellow cast and crew members. I do not know if ABC carea much about the gay and lesbian community or not but if I recall correctly I think they backed T.R. Knight and denounced Isaiah Washington behavior towards T.R. Knight. Which brings to my beef with ABC, they went and replaces Burke’s character with new heart surgeon, Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). The writers took her character down the gay route and wrote the infamous "I'm Gay" monologue for her and then promptly dismiss Brooke Smith. Seriously WTF? I though she was good replacement for the role, she is a great actor and I think the audience was just getting comfortable with her and then poof she's gone! Why? Because ABC wasn't comfortable with the route that her character was going; if that’s the case why did some executive approve of the script? I don't know the ins and outs of TV writing but I think it's safe to assume that the script has to be approved by someone high up. If you’re not comfortable with that character direction then why the hell would you approve of it??

Being the Smith is now gone I didn't think that the writers would take Sara Ramirez's character down the lesbian route again. I thought it was established that Callie Torres (Ramirez) was bi and that was it. So she burned by Hahn, Hahn is gone. A few episodes later some hot young blue eyes blond pediatric surgeon is introduced and the next thing you know she is kissing Callie at the end of the last episode. Again WTF? Is ABC going to pursue another gay/lesbian story line and not follow through? Or was the whole ABC not being comfortable with the direction that Brooke Smith's character going a cope out and they just wanted to pursue the whole gay thing with someone that is young and beautiful? I think its BS. I liked Smith’s acting not and was disappointed to see her go. I think she had a strong character and she will be missed. Don't get me wrong I like Jessica Capshaw’s portrayal as Callie's new love interest I just would like to see a more realistic approach to the whole gay/lesbian relationship story line. But that's showbiz baby.

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