Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Don't Leave Me!"

This is what Aaron would scream if he could talk. Going to child minding at my gym hasn't been easy these past few days. The first few times I took him he handled it like a champ. The staff didn't even need to find me until after an hour and I would nurse him and go back to my work out. This is so not the case now.

I took a 2 week break from the gym as I was in Vancouver and then I got sick. When I dropped him off at child minding on Thursday he crawled towards the toys, I left and that was that. 20 minutes later I am being summoned to go back to him as he had been crying the entire time. This is a new cry. It's a scared cry. So I stayed with him and if I was across the room and not there, the crying would start. I am going to take him every day to get him used to it. I ended up taking him home to Daddy. Yesterday it was the same thing. I left for 10 minutes to get a bite to eat and he fussed but quieted down when I came back he heard my voice so I stayed and Eric came and picked him up... Today was much better. His nap was during child minding hours so I got him sleeping in his car seat and dropped him off. He did wake up and observed the other kids playing but fell back asleep. He didn't come out of his car seat once and seemed to do okay. Hopefully Monday will be better to.

We have entered the land of making strange people. This is new. If he meets someone new he literally will freak out even if Eric or I are within arms reach. He totally pushed himself off of one of Eric's friend's today. One who he's been fine with before. I really hope he doesn't start this with my dad. He absolutely loves my dad.

As I have been to the gym 3 times in 48 hours, I feel like I am going to die. I really need to tone. Aaron left me with love handles in addition to stretch marks. I can work away the love handles, not the stretch marks. With all this working out I have been thinking about protein shakes. I don't know if they're any good or if they work at all. But I tried one today and all I can say is me no like. Ick! I am contemplating buying some whey protein powder and making my own as I make a mean smoothie and if there was more smoothie vs. powder than the one I had today then maybe I won't be able to taste it. I did talk to a friend who aid they vanilla flavored kind isn't to bad. I think vanilla would be a great addition to any fruit smoothie... I was going to go El cheapo and buy the Wal-Mart brand but I guess you get what you pay for? I'll look into it. I will not be buying my powder from some speciality vitamin store that jacks up their prices. I will probably get some at Wal-Mart. Well I am tired. I am going to bed. Tomorrow I am am taking it easy and doing an aqaufit class. adios.

PS - I hope to have some measurements for Monday. Not this week but next I have a session with a trainer at the gym so I will have some accurate measurements

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