Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Door is Slightly Ajar...

I've had a busy few days. Eric has deployed, I helped out a friend and made a new not anonymous blog dedicated to Aaron. Eric can get updates via the interweb as sometimes emails are a crap shoots. We're in Vancouver at my dad's any I've been keeping myself busy. Aaron and I have places to go and people to see; especially me.

I said I wasn't going to go through with egg donation at this time, BUT I have a meeting with some IP's in a few days. At my psych evaluation for ED, the psychologist and I decided that is should wait, treat my GAD and revisit it at a later time. But then I got a message from a second woman on forum asking me about being a donor. She was polite and not overbearing in the slightest. I told her straight up what was said in the evaluation. The intended mom (IM) and I have been email each other a lot and so far I like her.

I think I am more comfortable not donating anonymously. With the couple here in the mainland, I think I'll be okay with it as I running into them in public is highly unlikely as were not in the same community. This really bothered me if did a cycle back home as opposed to here. So it eliminates the "what ifs". We will meet and take it from there. I am not too nervous to tell the truth. I am sure she and her husband will be. I hope the meeting is pleasant and we all get along.

I am not sure what to do for an ice breaker when we meet. I've thought of saying to the Intended Father "So you and I might be making a baby together." However, having never meeting them, they may not enjoy my odd sense of humour. So that's what's been going on. I hope this works out well for everyone.


S.I.F. said...

I'm so excited to hear how your meeting goes! That should be so cool!!

athena said...

very exciting!! good luck!